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On ‘Commentary: “”We got what we deserved,””‘ Feb. 15

“”You only have so many bullets in your gun,”” said Miller, coincidentally the current head coach of Gilbert Arenas’ college team. “”I’ve used a few.””

I am not sure what this has to do with Sean Miller, this specific group of young men or the UA. I understand I am reading an article on a college Web site by a college student that lacks historical perspective, but I was taught to at least focus on the topic at hand.

Sean Miller is attempting to lay a foundation according to his principles and philosophies — not all that different than what Lute Olson did when he first landed in Tucson — or what any other great coach tries to do. Arenas fell pray to the NBA and the D.C. influence. Go write an article on that, Mr. Bryan Roy, if you feel brave enough to dabble in the world of social realties. After all, as John Wooden said, basketball is just a game …

Just a fan

On ‘MTV, dropping “”Music Television”” from its logo, joins a trend of broadened brands’

Totally agree with Kathy Sharpe. MTV can no longer be categorized with VH1 or Fuse. Glad they’re getting rid of the “”music television”” part since they rarely play music videos in the first place.

Erin S.


On ‘Sweating the sweet stuff,’ Feb. 10

There’s a reason you’re single on Valentine’s Day … you ate stuff like this. I want my women to eat less than I eat. Better go hit the gym, babe. I, for one, will be hitting on lonely chicks at the bar on Sunday. I hope to bag one this way.

Rocket Man

On ‘UA running for Playboy’s top party school,’ Feb. 2

This is embarrassing. The value of our degrees is going down with each skanky piece of news coverage like this. Bet the parents are thrilled their money is spent here.

Actually, some people, hard as it is to imagine, go to college to get educated or prepared for a specific career, not just to ‘get sum.’

Staff member and alumna

I’m a UA alum, and, when people ask me where I went to school, I always mention my grad school but hesitate to say that I did my undergrad at Arizona. The “”party school”” distinction is embarrassing, and it also limits upward career mobility and respect at work.

UA needs to raise its admission standards and academics at least to the level of the other Pacific 10 Conference schools. Letting anyone in, being a party school and a diploma factory doesn’t do the school or the state any good. No wonder alumni giving is so pathetic.


On ‘Human rights violations,’ Feb. 15

I am disgusted by this blatantly biased article. I would so much prefer another story about the plight of the real and only victims, the Israelis. They can’t be blamed for the 500 Palestinians killed over the weekend who were obviously all HAMAS supporters, why else would they be living in Gaza if they didn’t want all Jews to die.

If Israel doesn’t murder then they will be killed, and I believe that the Tanack specifically commands thou not to murder unless thou are fighting Palestinians. Can’t you see how disadvantaged the Israelis are?

They may have more money, weapons, international support, and freedoms guaranteed by a democratically elected government, but the Palestinians have so many rocks, they could seriously take someone’s eye out. They also have a few hundred cheaply made rockets. I’m sure even Gandhi would agree with the Israelis.

Obviously anyone and everyone who speaks out about Israel is anti-Semitic, even the many Jews. I call for more articles about HAMAS, your readers obviously know nothing about the organization, why else would they call for more information?

Lady Madonna


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