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    Scary Movie 4

    Scary Movie 4

    Director David Zucker leads the “”Scary Movie 4″” gang through an assortment of parodies to bring tears of laughter to home viewers. The DVD version of “”Scary Movie 4″” is available in either a regular version or the “”unrated and uncensored”” version.

    The regular version of “”Scary Movie 4″” is mediocre at best. Once again, Cindy (Anna Faris) runs around the whole movie with bewilderment in her eyes. Maybe she’s wondering why she’s running into so many parodies.

    Not that the parodies are bad. In fact, if there’s anything going for this movie it’s the accuracy with which so many current movies are parodied. At times it seems as though the sets of some of these movies were saved for “”Scary Movie 4.””

    At first Cindy finds herself in a decent parody of “”The Grudge.”” Parts of it are funny, but others seem unnecessary.

    Then Cindy meets Tom (Craig Bierko), who she instantly falls in love with. What a surprise to the viewer!

    Tom is stuck in a “”War of the Worlds”” parody that weaves through the movie and that ties in to “”The Grudge”” parody in the end. Other than the scene where Cindy finds Brenda in the airplane, the rest of the jokes from the “”War of the Worlds”” parody are effortless.

    All of that aside, though, it’s these effortless jokes that viewers of the “”Scary Movie”” installments have grown to love and watch over and over again. Zucker, who also directed “”Airplane,”” brought in a couple of references to that movie that were hilarious.

    The movie does bring a couple more laughs. Cindy’s promiscuous girlfriend, Brenda (Regina Hall), fits right into her character. A scene not to miss would be when the characters from “”The Village”” are trying to figure out what to do with Brenda and Cindy, but Brenda is too busy flirting with one of them.

    Another good scene is the last one of the movie, where Tom goes on “”Oprah.”” This is the recreation of the episode on “”Oprah”” where Tom Cruise jumps on the couch and goes bananas.

    The “”unrated and uncensored”” version claims over two hours of bloopers, outtakes and deleted scenes, but those only amount to 30 minutes of wasted time.

    The rest of the two hours is filled with cheesy interviews and behind-the-scenes features in which David Zucker’s laugh becomes intolerable.

    The only special thing about this unrated version is the visual-effects feature, where the special-effects team explains how the movie was made. It makes you appreciate the movie, although it doesn’t make up for the “”unrated version”” label of “”Scary Movie 4.””

    Unless you saw this movie in theaters and really enjoyed yourself, the unrated version of “”Scary Movie 4″” is too frightening for you to rent or own. It also doesn’t measure up to any of the last three counterparts by a long scream.

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