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Column: Euclid is an unmitigated disaster-zone

Euclid Avenue is a nightmare, but not the sort of nightmare that used to be experienced on Grant Road, which maliciously attacked your shocks.

Instead, Euclid Avenue wreaks havoc on your patience in the worst sort of way when it comes to rush hour, and if you’re a pedestrian, make sure to proceed with caution. Lots of caution. Can we fix it? Probably.

The avenue is adjacent to the UA and is an all-day disaster. With stop and go traffic, Euclid Avenue sometimes seems like a parking lot complete with crosswalks that drivers just don’t seem to see.

Of the few crosswalks that are there, some are marked with a simple sign and others with a stoplight. Both confuse everyone, specifically drivers who apparently don’t understand the meaning of a red octagonal sign, which just makes it dangerous for everyone involved.

“The only time is from, let’s say 4–7 [p.m.], that’s the only time, not even seven , 4-6 [p.m.], that’s the only time it’s a mess” said Ricardo Pereira, film and TV production senior.

The avenue is clogged from every angle during this time. Even worse, it is right next to the university and the mass off-campus exodus only exacerbates the problem.

The only way to clear up this mess is to get rid of the crosswalks that slow it down even more. However, that idea is out of the question since it’s the only thing keeping anyone safe when they try to cross to the parking garage or to the housing across the street.

There have been multiple pedestrians struck crossing Euclid Avenue this year alone, some of which were hospitalized.

Most people zip right by the marked crosswalk while the pedestrian is praying for somebody to stop and hoping they don’t get hit. As for the stoplight crosswalk, most people don’t know when it’s a good time to stop or to go and cars seem to think it’s okay to remain parked in the crosswalk, even when it’s a green light for pedestrians.

If you’re like most people, you sit there after the person has crossed the street, waiting for one person to go, even if the light is still red, or if it’s flashing red. Like a sheep, you follow after one person goes. Amongst the confusion in that situation, I too am a sheep and I play follow the leader as well.

The problem is that as a student or employee at the UA, the street is unavoidable and is consistently a mess. The city of Tucson can’t fix this street even if it wanted to. Euclid Avenue is a ghost town during the hours of the day, except for rush hour in the morning and evening.

Like Grant Road, I suppose the whole point of Euclid Avenue is just to get through it.

One would think with all the money the UA has flowing in, the city of Tucson would at least look at Euclid Avenue and see if there’s anything that can be done, rather than just letting that silly little street mock us every day from 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.

With a mayor focused on improvements to biking and green efforts, you’d think that a bit of thought could be put toward the horrific state of Tucson roadways. In the meantime, try not to hospitalize co-eds. Happy traveling, everyone.

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