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    “UA students go to D.C., relish in inauguration experience”

    While many UA students fought classes so they could catch a glimpse of President Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday morning, some UA students traveled the roughly 1900 miles to Washington, D.C. so they could witness it first-hand.

    Nicole Roger, a physiology sophomore, said that while it was a long journey from Tucson, the scope and significance of the event made it a trip that she said she would never forget.

    “”I’m going to remember the speech that Obama made, watching and waiting outside in the freezing cold for hours waiting for the inauguration to start,”” Roger said. “”I’m going to remember watching the parade and seeing the new family walking and seeing the Biden family walking to the White House.””

    Roger said that what impressed her most about the event was the overall civility of the colossal crowds that enveloped the city.

    “”What I got most out of it as how peaceful it was,”” Roger said. “”Everyone respected each other, no one was pushing and shoving, everyone was excited to be there to witness this historic event. Nothing like this had ever happened before and I think people were just so excited, everyone in the crowd was cheering the entire time we were on the mall.””

    Melissa Rasowsky, a political science junior said that a much more vocal and enthusiastic group surrounded her.

    “”When a Democrat or an Obama supporter came on…everybody was cheering and getting all excited then they would show President Bush and everyone would start booing,”” Rasowsky said.

    She said that the event felt like a sporting event and she heard people singing “”Na na na na. Na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye”” several times when President Bush was shown on the screen.

    Despite the large number of people who attended the event, Roger said that she did not feel at risk nor did there seem to be a large security presence.

    “”I was actually surprised that (security) wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be,”” Roger said. “”I took the metro from my hotel to the mall, there were some police there but I didn’t walk through any scanners, no one checked my bag. I was actually a little surprised it wasn’t as tight as I thought but I guess all of the security went to protecting the president.””

    Rasowsky said she thought the lack of security might have been the result of a confused security staff.

    “”They closed streets off, cops didn’t know what was going on, the volunteers didn’t know what was going on,”” Rasowsky said.”” “”I guess they had this whole plan and then the CIA changed the plan so nobody knew what was going on, no one knew what to tell us.””

    Roger said that the one thing she took away was the overall message of future hard work and determination that resonated in the inaugural address.

    “”(Obama) seemed so enthusiastic and so driven to bring this country out of all of the turmoil and he is determined to get us out of this economic crisis, but I like that he wasn’t over the top,”” Roger said. “”He did admit that it is going to take some time and it is not going to all get done tomorrow it is going to take years and years and years.””

    Rasowsky said, “”It was the craziest thing I have ever done in my life and totally worth it.””

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