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Mailbag: Feb. 22

UA campus offers safe place for LGBTQ community

In the past month, Lady Gaga has released a new hit saying we’re all “”Born this Way,”” and a UA dean has been quoted on the front page as telling us that it’s “”OK to be gay.”” Overall, I think this country — and our campus — has made some great steps toward awareness as of late.

As we make these strides, people are coming out earlier and earlier thanks to some increased acceptance. Still, many places lack resources to help 15 year olds understand their gender identity and sexual orientation. Thankfully, our campus has several designated spaces for young people to go for advice, guidance and help. As an intern for Pride Alliance, I’ve handled my fair share of calls from teens across the country looking for help, and they’ve chosen this campus to call because we have a pretty good track record for equality. It means a lot when a kid from Pennsylvania calls us.

I’d like to remind everyone of our new housing option on campus: the Pride Community, to be hosted in Kaibab-Huachuca next year, is open to students who identify as LGBTQ or allies. It’s another huge step towards ensuring all students are safe on campus, and the educational component of the wing will doubtlessly help people coming out or hoping to be better allies. Some may argue that it’s segregation (a debate that I will gladly have), but hopefully it will be another safe space on campus. If you know someone looking for somewhere to go or trying to find a friendly university, remind them of what our campus has to offer.

— Christina Bischoff, Ecology and evolutionary biology junior

Online Comments

ASUA Pride Alliance intern

On ‘ASUA passes gun resolution’

“”‘We’re not going to have people running around shooting people,’ said Robert Rosinski.””

This statement is completely absurd and shows your immaturity regarding this topic and probably others (hence why you want to be a part of ASUA). For your knowledge, if people wanted to “”run around shooting people”” as you put it, they could at any time and absolutely no injunction you write will control that. Now when we replace your statement with something like, “”We do not feel that deadly weapons serve a purpose on our campus,”” then I would allot you some credit.

Rather, what I want to see is an educated approach to this that recognizes the wants of some people to carry weapons onto a campus where they should not be allowed.

At least Mr. San Angelo can speak like a representative of our university should.

— Travis Goodson

On ‘Police Beat: Feb 16′

This story “”Student checked in to mental health facility”” is so repulsive to everyone who really knows the situation. This is a college campus, and is it not the goal of the university to make the students (especially those who live in the dorms) feel safe and comfortable? By publishing this without the student’s consent, and just getting the police report, you are adding to someone’s suffering. How do you think he feels with his private matters being spread to the world? Why would he ever seek help from authoritative figures, when they allow his personal information to be revealed? This is providing too much detail, and making an even more toxic environment for someone already going through a tough time. True there is a freedom of press, but who are you kidding, you’re just a shitty little college campus paper who is supposed to publish things representing the school.

— Roxanna Ferenz

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