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    “On the spot: Victoria Hogan, family studies junior”

    What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid?

    Favorite … oh, “”The Little Mermaid.””

    Did you think that Disney movies were inherently violent?

    Um, oh yeah kind of! Ursula gets stabbed.

    Exactly! And there’s this trident and then she’s impaled by the ship.


    It’s a good thing we were watching this as kids.


    I had to turn “”Bambi”” off to be quite frank.

    Yeah. There’s also sexual innuendos in Disney movies.

    I know! Like when they said that the cover for “”The Little Mermaid”” had a penis on it?

    I know that in “”The Lion King,”” in one of the songs the clouds [form the word] sex.

    Oh that is right. What was your opinion of “”Fantasia””?

    I don’t even remember “”Fantasia.”” I remember parts of it. Yeah, I remember some of it but not really a lot of it.

    Well I can sum it up for you real quick: Walt Disney goes on an acid trip.


    And there’s orchestra and lights and Pegasuses and walking brooms.

    Oh, OK, yeah I remember.

    Who do you think wins in a fight: Mufasa from “”The Lion King”” or Aslan from “”Narnia””?

    Um, wait I don’t remember which one Aslan is. That’s the big lion?

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