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Athlete of the Week: Momo Jones


Arizona point guard MoMo Jones earned himself Pacific 10 Conference Player of the Week honors after posting 17 points and 2.5 assists per game for the Wildcats as they swept UCLA and USC this week. Jones sat down with the Daily Wildcat to discuss this season, playing with Player of the Year candidate Kemba Walker and why he never dunks.

Daily Wildcat: What does the Pac-10 Player of the Week mean to you, if anything?

MoMo Jones: Of course it means a lot to be one of the players to win that, second player on our team. It definitely means a lot.

DW: Last season, I don’t know if it was media-induced, (was there) pressure about the streak and keeping that going? With that gone, is it something off your mind?

MJ: For me it was never pressure. I never really thought about it. I wanted to make the tournament for my own reasons, not because of what happened here in the past. Every kid dreams of making the tournament. I think me, it was kind of like, more of I want to make it because it’s a dream. As far as the streak goes, you know, that was here before us and it’ll be here after us. It really didn’t mean that to me. As far as our team, we just tried not to think about, though I’m sure a lot of people thought about it. It’s over, and we can’t control that. What we can control is what we do.

DW: Did you play with (UConn guard) Kemba Walker (at Rice High School)?

MJ: Yeah, we played in the backcourt together.

DW: Both starting?

MJ: Yeah.

DW: Friends with him?

MJ: Yeah, that’s one of my good friends.

DW: What do you think of what he’s doing?

MJ: He’s playing like Kemba. He’s doing what he’s been doing a long time. Now it’s out there and people are able to see. I’m happy for him. He’s doing a great job, he’s holding it together real well. I’m proud.

DW: What was with the “”Black And Yellow”” inspired shoes? Was that just a Wiz Khalifa shout-out or was there something more?

MJ: Me and Derrick was just talking. A lot of people go for the whole matching thing, color-coordinated. Me and Derrick, we wanted to set ourselves apart this weekend and kind of make a statement. That was the statement with our sneakers and the statement with the games, statement with our play. We’ll do it again this week.

DW: Not worried it doesn’t coordinate with the red and blue?

MJ: It may bother a lot of people. To us it’s just another pair of sneakers.

DW: Sticking with fashion, the arm sleeve, those are a new design. Do you wear that as a style thing or does it actually help you shoot better? ‘Cause you have been shooting better.

MJ: I mean, I don’t know. I think I’ve just been playing. When I took it off is when I hit 3s in the last game. The new uniforms are in, the new stuff is in. I just wore it just to wear it.

DW: You said earlier during media day (that) you know how to cook. What’s your favorite thing to cook for yourself?

MJ: I’ll have to say fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese.

DW: Who’s the weirdest or oddest player on the team?

MJ: I would have to go with Solomon Hill and Dondre Wise.

DW: Why them?

MJ: They’re just really, really goofy. The things they do, when you look, it’s just kind of like, ‘I can’t believe they just said or did that. These guys here.’ They’re insane, but they’re funny.

DW: Can you tell the story … why you don’t dunk?

MJ: Two points is two points to me. I can get up. A lot of people say to me, my friends and everybody joking, ‘You’ll go down the lane, and your hand will be above the basket and you’ll just lay it in.’ I don’t pay attention to it, I really don’t know if my hand is over the basket. Me trying to be fancy and going to dunk, you never know what can happen. It might pop out. I’d rather get two points rather than be fancy.


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