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    Police Beat: April 9

    ‘Smelly Proof’ earns man a ticket

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol at the intersection of Fourth Street and Highland Avenue Sunday at 11:20 a.m. when he performed a traffic stop on a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign.

    As the officer asked the man for his license, insurance and registration, he told the man the reason for the stop, and the man said, “”Oh, the stop sign — I didn’t see that.””

    While talking with the man, the officer could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the car.

    The man told the officer, “”No, I don’t carry that stuff in the car anymore since the last time I got a ticket for it.””

    He also told the officer that the last time he had smoked was three or four days prior.

    The man told the officer that he could search his car, and the officer found a small plastic baggie labeled, “”Smelly Proof.”” When the officer opened the bag, he could smell marijuana.

    The officer asked the man if the car was his and if he knew the plastic baggie was inside.

    The man said that he thought he had cleaned his car out completely after he got his last ticket and that he must have missed the baggie that was stuffed in the pocket behind the passenger seat.

    He also stated that the bag was his and that there used to be a smoking pipe inside the bag. The man told the officer that even though he knows marijuana is illegal, he smokes it anyway.

    The man asked the officer not to arrest him because he had just lost his job and was worried about paying fines and having to be on probation.

    The officer said, “”What you’re doing is illegal, and I can’t let you go without arresting you.””

    The man was cited and released on scene for possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to stop at a stop sign.

    Toga classes up MIP

    A UAPD officer was on patrol on Euclid Avenue on Tuesday at 1:13 p.m. when he saw a car make two improper turns onto Fourth Street and Sixth Street.

    When the officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. While the officer was speaking with the driver, he could tell the smell was not coming from him.

    The officer then spoke with the passenger of the car. The passenger’s speech was slurred, and he had bloodshot eyes.

    The officer asked the passenger to get out of the car, and, when he tried, he had to use the side of car to help him walk. Also, when he stood up, he swayed about 4 to 6 inches.

    When the officer asked if he had been drinking, the man said, “”Yeah, I was drinking at a party off campus.””

    The man would not say where the party was or who provided the alcohol, but the man was wearing a toga.

    The man was cited and released for minor in possession in body, and the driver was warned about making improper turns.

    No Code of Conduct referral was completed because the incident occurred off campus.

    Man hit, promised new bike

    A UAPD officer spoke with a man at the UAPD main station on Monday at 2 p.m. after he requested documentation of a bike accident he had been a part of earlier that day.

    The man told the officer that the accident happened at 11:10 a.m. at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and First Street.

    He said that he was riding his bicycle northbound on Mountain Avenue in the bike lane, and, as he came up to First Street, a blue car that was stopped at a stop sign started to drive westbound on First Street.

    The man stated that the front bumper of the car collided with the right bike pedal.

    Both the bike and the car were moving between 3 and 5 mph, and there were no injuries.

    The driver of the car remained at the scene and promised the man that he would buy him a new bicycle. Both of the men agreed to handle the situation civilly, and they both left.

    The man said that he did want the situation formally documented just in case the man goes back on his promise to buy a new bike.

    The officer inspected the bicycle and documented the damage done to the pedal and metal gear frame.

    The theft of the change container

    A UAPD officer arrived at the intersection of Cherry Avenue and University Boulevard Monday at 9:38 a.m. after a Parking and Transportation Services employee reported a possible theft from a parking meter.

    The man told the officer that he was collecting change from the meters on Cherry Avenue, and, when he got to meter number 1802, he saw that it was open, and that the change container was missing.

    The man said the last time the meters were emptied was on April 1, and there could have been up to $18.90 in the container. He also said that, even though there is no container in the meter, it will still register change being dropped in and that change would have just fallen to the ground.

    The officer did not see any clear damage to the meter.

    The officer spoke with an employee who had been emptying the meters on April 1, and the employee said that there had been extra workers that day because it was raining, and they wanted to empty the meters quickly.

    He said that each of the men working had keys to the meters, and a meter could have been left unlocked after it was emptied, because that had happened before.

    A Victim’s Rights form was issued to the UA. There are no witnesses or suspects to the theft of the change container.


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