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This is your space – use it

Maybe you didn’t know it, but you write for the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

This is your space. This page, more than any other, belongs to you.

Of course, we believe the entire Wildcat belongs to the university community, but the opinions page is your section to sound off, share ideas, tell a joke, tell us we suck, pretty much anything. Whatever comes to your mind, we promise to read it.

But here’s the thing — there are literally no letters in our inbox.

Therefore, we have to run this unsigned editorial. 

But we’d prefer to hear from you. We want this semester’s opinions page to contain as many voices from the campus and the community as possible — to express the collective zeitgeist to the fullest extent. That’s our mission.

So congratulations, you all write for the Wildcat. Get cracking because your job starts now. Here are some handy tips to get you started:

Write Letters

Well, e-mails actually. But if you want to send something by snail mail, that’s pretty vintage and cool, too.

Submit Guest Editorials

Everybody’s an expert at something. We hope to publish guest columns from student leaders, activists, professionals, politicians, professors, administrators — anyone and everyone.

Call us up or drop us a line if you’ve got an idea or opinion you want everyone to know about.

Meet with the Editorial Board

The editorial board is the voice of the Wildcat. They’re the not-so-shadowy figures behind the nebulous “”We”” and “”Us”” in this unsigned editorial. The editorial board includes the editor in chief, managing editor, opinions editor and other members of our staff.

Schedule a time to stop by and see us. We hold regular meetings. If your organization is working on a project or promoting a cause, come talk to us about it.

Don’t be shy! Maybe you represent an issue you feel the public, or even the Wildcat, doesn’t understand and you’re concerned about its coverage. Maybe you’re running for elected office. Maybe you’ve actually been elected to something. If you think you meet any of these criteria, please, please meet with us because we want to talk.

As Facebook would say, “”What’s on your mind?””

— Editorials are determined by the Wildcat opinions board and written by one of its members. They are Alex Dalenberg, Shain Bergan, Samantha Luvisi, Heather Price-Wright and Justyn Dillingham.

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