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    In response to “No sense in shrinking ZonaZoo” (by James Kelley, Oct. 30):

    Students who leave early and abandon the team are cowards and do not deserve to call themselves real fans. You want to know how you fix the Zoo situation? Downsize the Zoo. Limit admission to people who deserve it. Limit it to the real fans who want to stay the whole game because unlike the people who leave early, they actually support the team.

    As for the cowards/fake fans who show up for half the game and leave early, they can buy tickets like any other fan. They don’t deserve the privilege of being part of the Zoo. It should be something that’s earned, not something handed out to drunk idiots who make our university look bad.

    I expect this comment will attract plenty of criticism and negative votes, and I say bring it on. I was a proud Zoo member. I was a top 20 Zoo points earner my last two years, and I was the top points earner my senior year. I have a basketball autographed by the entire 2011 Elite Eight team to show for it. I went to football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, softball, baseball, gymnastics and volleyball. I know what it means to be a real fan and you people who leave early are not real fans.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. The ZonaZoo should be ashamed of themselves for refusing to address this problem. The Daily Wildcat staff should be ashamed of themselves for parroting the ZonaZoo’s head-buried-in-the-sand approach.

    —Kevin Wos

    I think that this problem could easily be helped if not fixed by a number of different ideas.

    First, make students reserve their seat for games online exactly the way basketball does with a penalty system for not showing up. I think that this will stop people from just deciding to not go to the game. Instead if they sign up they know they have to go. It also creates a demand for seats if students think they might not be able to just show up and sit anywhere.

    Second is get the student section more involved. Start having competitions among the sections where actual students can win prizes or get free stuff. As a student I somehow this year have felt a little bit ignored up there in the stands when I’m shouting my head off at the other team. Get the students involved, and reserve seats.

    Decreasing the size of the Zoo isn’t going to solve anything.


    I feel that if we can continue to be a consistent relevant team in football, our fan culture will change. We cannot compare ourselves to schools with rich histories in football success. Given time and success, we can mold and create a truly dedicated fan base.

    — Matthew Madden

    In response to “Struggle continues for UAccess with recent system crash” (by David Weissman, Oct. 29):

    UAccess has always sucked in every way possible. It doesn’t even act like a normal webpage in this day and age, which is typical of crappy PeopleSoft software. On top of that, UofA had a great system called Student Link that looked great, worked great, and was intuitive. Plus, it was developed in-house, which would have saved students from paying millions of dollars to PeopleSoft for UAccess.

    — Jim

    Student Link used to crash — really, completely crash until they could rebuild it — every single semester. This semester UAccess had a slowdown, not even an actual crash, for 15 minutes. In general it’s faster, more stable, and has more benefits as far as planning out the semester. The website’s not the prettiest, but the system itself is a whole hell of a lot better.


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