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Mailbag: March 1

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On ‘Tucson offers sex health variety,’ Feb. 26

While I think this is important for female students to read, it isn’t really appropriate in a newspaper. There is no news angle and it only explains information that is available through a simple Google search. A waste of space, IMHO, although I’m sure the clinics were thrilled about the free advertising you just chalked up.

Concerned Reader

On ‘Commentary: ‘Cats, Wise just aren’t the same,’ Feb. 26

The streak is not over until the Selection Committee says it’s over. I’m prepared if it ends, but it hasn’t ended yet. Any fan that gives up on the ‘Cats now is not a real fan. If you don’t stick with this team when things get bad, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a Wildcat. I never leave games early. I don’t leave football games until the final whistle. I don’t leave basketball games until the final buzzer. I don’t leave baseball games until the final out. The only time I’ve ever left a game early was the Holiday Bowl, and that was because my mom was with me and she wanted to leave, and I don’t argue with my mom. That one doesn’t count because of the outside circumstances. Otherwise, I don’t abandon any team. Any fan who does isn’t a real fan.

Kevin W.


On ‘Animals should live freely,’ Feb. 26

I am saddened by the death of this dedicated and passionate animal worker. But we all must understand the fact that wild animals do not share the passion and love we have for them. This magnificent mammal has been plucked from his native habitat and required to perform for us in exchange for his food and care. This tragedy is not a freak accident, just like how the tiger attacks at the San Francisco Zoo were not freak accidents. There is no hidden meaning behind these attacks on humans. I read that the whale was acting strange. Well, yeah, how freakish it must be for a wild, dominant predatory animal in its prime to be made to jump and spin for pieces of fish. This woman was killed because she interacted with an animal that views us as food. If you would like more answers, read “”Welcome to the Zoo: A Whistle Blower’s Memoir,”” by Lloyd Kraal.

Nature Man

Letters to the Editor

I am writing regarding the Arizona Daily Wildcat article in your Feb. 24 edition titled “”Rillito Park ‘small but important’ piece of Tucson.”” I was glad to see the attention given to such a historic part of Tucson’s heritage. However, I was very disappointed in your lack of fact-checking and poor research that was done in preparation for your article. I realize these are broad accusations, but there are several inaccurate references made in your article with regard to industry-standard terminology.

The article reads, “”the dilapidated scoreboard. The old-school odds board.”” Once again, I am left to guess that you are actually referring to the “”tote board,”” which even the dictionary defines as “”a large electronically operated board displaying statistics such as betting odds.”” Your article later refers to “”The betting register,”” whereby you must really mean the “”betting window,”” also known as the “”tote window.””

Of course, there are ponies and ranch horses that are the “”700-pound horses”” that you refer to in your article; however, the average thoroughbred racehorse is at least 1000 pounds. A five-second Google search was all of the research needed to accurately report this fact.

I am not sure what happened at the particular race that you were at, but I find it hard to believe that there was actually a shooting at the beginning of the race that you watched. I am referring to your article’s statement that reads “”before the gunshot.”” Once again, the reader is left to guess that you really are referring to the bell that is sounded before the gate opens.

On a personal note, I was offended when your article stated, “”Looking around at everyone who had invested in this opportunity by buying real snakeskin boots and felt-textured hats, I thought it would be a real shame if this ever came to pass.”” While I applaud your intentions, I was personally offended that you would refer to a Western style of dress as some sort of costume. Remember, we are in the Western part of the United States, and there is more of a functionality to the hats and boots as compared to some Eastern U.S. “”fashion statement.””

What is most outrageous about your article is the overall disregard for an entire program at our university; one that has existed here for 36 years. The UA website even states that “”the Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) at the University of Arizona is the only program of its kind … The College of Agriculture placed the Race Track Industry Program in the Animal Science Department and so the Race Track Industry Program was established in 1974 with classes beginning in January.””

Heather Shatz

Animal sciences sophomore

Although I graduated five years ago, I still follow UA athletics, as difficult as that may be at times. Football season ended funky, and this basketball season hasn’t turned out to be the greatest — BUT — it ain’t over yet. Don’t rush the field before the game is over (Nov. 21, 2009, Oregon anyone?), and don’t ever give up on your basketball team until the season is done.

The last time I wrote to this paper, I was infuriated at the McKale Center Zona Zoo policy that was to be implemented and made some suggestions of my own. It’s nice to see that the Zoo has been consolidated to one side, but we’ll never kick the alumni out of their seats will we? There are two HUGE HOME games this week, and I better hear the vocal sixth man that our program is about. Let those under performing Southern California schools know that we are still in this thing. Yell at UCLA for a mediocre season, heckle (USC head coach) Kevin O’Neill and remind his players they’re not playing for anything, make fun of (UCLA guard) Michael Roll because I’m pretty sure he’s been playing since I was in school — remind the world this is McKale Center, and it’s OUR HOUSE. And if you can swing it, get to the Pacific 10 Conference tourney, make some noise, and let the team know we’re still supporting them — you all know what needs to happen to keep the STREAK alive.

BEAR DOWN, there’ll be great things to come.

T. Agle

UA alumnus

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