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    Remakes: Scary then and now


    The Amityville Horror

    Original: 1979 — 9 9

    Remake: 2005 — 9 9 9 9

    Both versions of “”The Amityville Horror”” tell the same story. George, Kathy and their three children move into a beautiful old house only to discover that they are not alone. Their new home was once the scene of a brutal murder, and now strange manifestations begin to drive them to the point of insanity and violence.

    However, the original “”Amityville Horror”” pales in comparison to the new one. The first movie is filled with dated special effects and poorly selected songs. It shies away from blood and gore, and moves so slowly that many viewers may find it hard to maintain interest, especially through all the subplots. Likewise, even the main plot of the movie is not fully explained — it ends abruptly without resolution.

    The new “”Amityville Horror”” moves quickly, builds a sense of intensity and anxiety and the plot line comes full circle to tell a chilling story. The new movie explains many creepy occurrences that were included in the original but never brought to their full potential. The psychological thrill of the whole thing is the best part, and it also has its moments of grisly imagery, startling surprises and constant action.


    In the original version, the characters stay in the house for something like 15 days, but in the remake, they last for 28.

    The Grudge

    Original: “”Ju-On: The Grudge,”” 2003 (Japan) — 9 9 9 9 9

    Remake: “”The Grudge,”” 2004 — 9 9 9

    When “”The Grudge”” came out six years ago, it was one of the scariest movies on the market. But going back and watching it again, it actually isn’t so bad. Although the premise is pretty messed up (once you enter that creepy house, the grudge will get you!), the American movie can’t even begin to get into your head the way that the Japanese original can.

    “”Ju-On: The Grudge”” has no main character, follows a non-linear chronology and doesn’t go for the cheap thrills. It creates a constant sense of anxiety by not showing viewers typical gory images and not following any kind of predictable plotline. In this way, the scariest part of the whole thing is in the viewer’s own imagination.

    Sure, “”The Grudge”” stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, but that’s probably the best part about it. The film has its moments where things pop out or blood gets everywhere, but in approaching scare tactics this way, it loses the tension created by the original and scares you only momentarily. It’s easy to calm down after the loud, sudden music subsides and the bloody dead girl is done sticking her tongue out at you.


    “”The Grudge”” was produced and directed by the original director of “”Ju-On.”” Takashi Shimizu directed the sequel “”Grudge”” movies in both Japan and the United States.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Original: 1984 — 9 9 9

    Remake: 2010 — 9 9 9 9

    This one’s a classic. We all saw it as kids, and it scared us all to death. But if you watch it again today, you may find that it was much scarier in the early ’90s than it is right now … Freddy Kreuger is coming to get you, and he’s bringing his bad synthesized theme song that could have only been cool in 1984.

    The images hold up as pretty gruesome, and the acting is good. The effects are impressive, especially for the 1980’s, and the idea of someone killing you in your sleep is still utterly horrifying. If the movie’s hokey soundtrack was replaced by Hitchcock-esque violins, a remake might not have been necessary.

    The new “”Nightmare on Elm Street”” stays true to the original, with one main change; the writers of the 2010 version decided to make Freddy Krueger a pedophile instead of simply a murderer. Though this does add to the audience’s hatred and fear of Freddy, it also creates a sense of uncomfortable, inappropriate sexual tension repellant to many viewers.


    In both movies, the first girl to meet her untimely death is a promiscuous blonde.


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