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    Silly little love songs: yay or nay?


    Courtesy of Joshua Veitch-Michaelis

    Love, with all of its joys and all of its pains, is often best expressed with a melody and some poetry. Music seems to complement love — it articulates a rush of emotions with a beat of a drum or a strum on a guitar. When love is felt or even desired, singing along to some feel-good love songs feels natural. In some wonderful cases, music is what brings people together — giving people the courage to open their hearts and let love in. With so many note-worthy love songs to list, it’s difficult to pick only 10, but the following list attempts to do just that by combining some older classics with some modern hits, in no particular order. 

    1. “You Got What I Need” — Joshua Radin

    This slower song is the essence of simplicity and romance. Joshua Radin’s lyrics, such as “Baby you, you got what I need/ Baby you, you got my sunshine,” are so gentle and sweet. Listeners won’t find it difficult to melt into the soft rhythm of this love song. 

    2. “I Will Always Love You” — Whitney Houston

    Timeless and powerful, this song will probably always find its way onto lists of top love songs. Giving many listeners goose bumps, Whitney Houston sings about enduring love — one that is too rich to be forgotten or regretted even if it is lost. 

    3. “Love Story” — Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has been singing about love for years, exposing her personal joys and heartaches through her self-crafted lyrics. It is her relatability and genuine approach to the art that makes Swift’s love songs, among others, so powerful.

    4. “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” — Nat King Cole

    With a voice like silk, Nat King Cole is the epitome of all that is classic. His pure voice accompanied by the piano is a match made in heaven. 

    5. “Thinking Out Loud” — Ed Sheeran

    In his music video to this song, Ed Sheeran and a young woman share a special dance. When listeners hear his sweet lyrics they won’t be able to keep from dancing along as well. 

    6. “The Way You Look Tonight” — Frank Sinatra

    It’s pretty obvious as to why this song makes it onto the list: Frank Sinatra is perfection.

    7. “Pull Me Down” — Mikky Ekko

    This song, while probably not as well known as some of the others on this list, should definitely be recognized. Mikky Ekko vocalizes a love that is plagued with brokenness. The haunting undertones only emphasize the authenticity of his love.  

    8. “Boom Clap” — Charli XCX

    On the soundtrack to the popular 2014 film “The Fault In Our Stars,” this song expresses the excitement one feels as they experience the joys of love. 

    9. “Everything” — Michael Bublé

    There is something absolutely wonderful about being someone’s “everything.” Michael Bublé’s series of metaphors comparing his love to everything that makes up his world is not only catchy but heart-felt. 

    10. “Taking Chances” — Céline Dion

    Céline Dion sings about having the courage to love. Her powerful voice projects fearlessness toward taking chances.


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    If you’re celebrating Single’s Awareness Day or just taking Valentine’s Day with a bitter swig of contempt, the cynic in all of us needs some tunes to get through Saturday. This anti-Valentine’s Day playlist will get you in the mood — if that mood is open defiance of the so-called holiday of love.

    1. “People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck” -— Drenge

    The two brothers from the English periphery give voice to what every Valentine’s-hater thinks: Seriously, can you take your PDA somewhere else?

    2. “Best of Friends” — Palma Violets

    “I wanna be your best friend, I don’t want you to be my girl.” Hyped by NME for being the new saviors of rock ’n’ roll, the British band rose to fame for a brief time a few years ago, all based on this song. 

    3. “Bug A Boo” — Destiny’s Child 

    Beyoncé Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland are all on point with their sass as always, telling a clingy boy to stop paging their beeper and sending messages to their AOL email. 

    4. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — Joy Division

    Written in 1979, this song is one of the most meaningful songs of all time. Ian Curtis of Joy Division sings about his marriage being torn apart by depression and everyday life. Later, in 1980, Curtis committed suicide.

    5. “No Children” — The Mountain Goats

    Here’s a mid-playlist shout-out to all the readers who aren’t single and sad but only wish they were, those miserable couples intent on dragging everyone down with them. 

    “Our friends say it’s darkest before the sun rises / We’re pretty sure they’re all wrong,” lead singer John Darnielle warbles. Wallow accordingly.   

    6. “Love Is A Losing Game” — Amy Winehouse

    This song appears on her second album, Back to Black, which was produced by Mark Ronson. Soulfully, Winehouse shows just how much unrequited love can hurt.

    7. “Not In Love” — Crystal Castles

    In this song, Robert Smith of British post-punk band The Cure joins the Canadian electronic duo. Sadly, Crystal Castles called it quits last year after only three albums, and this song remains one of their most successful commercially. 

    8. “Heart of Glass” — Blondie

    “Once I had a love and it was a gas / soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.” Enough said.

    9. “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby” — The Beatles

    This song was released on the fab four’s fourth studio album, Beatles For Sale, in 1964. It has George Harrison on vocals complaining about the 19 dates he got just by going out and the 50 women who are knocking down his door. 

    10. “I’m Not In Love” — Talking Heads

    This playlist ends on a less spiky note with the words of American post-punk band Talking Heads. “I don’t need love, there’ll come a day when we won’t need love / I believe that we don’t need love.”


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