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Police Beat 4/3/2019: Special Delivery

Courtesy UAPD

University of Arizona Police Department officers on the UA campus. 

Package for Mary Jane

Getting a package is always a treat, whether it’s cookies from mom, a sweater from grandma or a bong from yourself. However, only one of those will get you in trouble with the law.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Coronado Residence Hall after the mailroom attendant reported the scent of marijuana coming from inside a package on March 11.

When the officer arrived, he spoke to the attendant, who said the package was already in the mailroom at the start of her shift.

The officer inspected the package and reported he could also smell the strong scent of marijuana. 

The UAPD K-9 unit was called in. The package was placed in the community room along with two identical, clean packages. The dog showed interest in the suspicious package but did not make a positive alert.

After this, the officer located the room of the student whose name was on the package. The student answered the door and allowed the officer in.

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The officer told him about the situation and the student explained the package contained a bong that did not have any marijuana in it. According to the student, he had packaged and mailed the bong over spring break and was planning on using it in his fraternity house. Before mailing the bong, he had carefully scrubbed it clean of any marijuana.

The student agreed to the officer’s request to open the package so he could confirm there were no drugs in it.

When the student opened the package, he revealed an 18-inch, blue, glass bong along with two bowls. The contents of the box were all tightly packaged in styrofoam. 

The student told the officer he had been placed in the Diversion Program last month for possession of marijuana. After confirming this, the officer informed him he could not be diverted a second time. Instead, the officer cited, arrested and released him for possession of paraphernalia. He also confiscated the bong.

Ooh, Burn!

It’s rare that a relationship literally goes up in flames, but that was the case for one couple on March 11. 

A UAPD officer responded to Yavapai Residence Hall to investigate a possible domestic disturbance. The man who called alleged he had gone to Yavapai to collect his clothes from his ex-girlfriend, a UA student, and she had slammed the door in his face and sent a video of herself burning the clothes.

When he arrived, the officer found no signs of active fire activity. He located the student’s room and overheard a female voice inside the room saying she had burned all “his” clothing.

The officer knocked, and the student invited him in to talk. The student told him she and her boyfriend had broken up right before spring break, from which she had just returned to Tucson. The two had ended their relationship after filing a police report for unspecified reasons.

According to the student, when she returned to Tucson from spring break, the student asked the ex-boyfriend to collect his belongings from her dorm room, but he ignored her. She then told him if he didn’t pick up his clothes, she would burn them. She said he responded by saying she should go ahead and send a video and showed the officer the text where he said this.

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The student said she then burned his clothes, including four pairs of basketball shorts and two t-shirts.

She admitted the clothes technically belonged to the man, but she had considered them like gifts, since she had been keeping and wearing his clothing while they were dating. She alleged he also never asked for the clothes back. 

A second UAPD officer who had gone with a Yavapai resident assistant to check for signs of a recent fire confirmed what looked like remainders of burnt clothes in the grill.

Another officer was supposed to meet with the man near the stadium, but he never showed up and did not answer his phone.

The first officer spoke with the student’s roommate, who said the man had recently come to their door and asked if the student was back. When the roommate responded she was not sure, he left. 

The student also told the first officer the man’s mom told her the court had issued a no-contact order for the man.

The officer told her to call UAPD if the man attempted to contact her again.

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