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    You walk into your room after a long and uninspiring day of school. The monotony of it all bores you endlessly, but what is waiting for you at home gets you through each class. Finally home, you open your computer and head to, a place you know will allow you to express your imagination.

    The familiar home page greets you, and you immediately look along the right side. What you see makes you smile to yourself: you got a reply today. You click the link, excited to see what happened with your character.

    It seems a fight is set to brew between the person you’re role-playing with, but that’s exactly what you wanted. Every sentence you read gives you another idea for your own response. Your character isn’t going to sit calmly and wait; he likes to fight. No sense in waiting then. You’re going to throw the first punch.

    The second you’re done reading, you open a Word document and get to work. The words flow freely from your mind and onto the page. All of your creativity had been so backed up that it was just waiting to escape somewhere. After a good 20 minutes of writing, you finish and post your reply into the thread.

    Glad for the chance to write, you sit back and think about how great this site is. Before, it was much harder to convince yourself to put pen to paper. Now that you’re writing with other people, you have an obligation that keeps you motivated.

    What’s even better is that your writing has improved simply by being exposed to the hundreds of styles on the website, not to mention the friends you’ve made who are there to offer as many critiques as you want. Yes, has certainly been amost positive influences on your writing.

    And that’s about what a post would look like on the fantasy forum-based role-playing site. Of course, there are much more exciting and unique settings than a bedroom and, with the freedom a fantasy setting gives, your character would be much more interesting than a simple person.

    But the truth is that this website will make you a better writer. While it can hardly be said that everyone on the website is a professional – most people just do it for fun – everything will teach you lessons if you look for them.

    Let’s start with the most basic aspect of the site.

    Before you can even begin writing, you have to build a character. Seeing as crafting believable heroes and villains is one of the most important skills a writer can have, fleshing out your character on DaeLuin will only help.

    Then there’s the actual writing itself. There are two parts to that: the plotting and the writing Obviously there would be no point in writing if your character has nothing to do, so in figuring the “”what”” out, you might just get good ideas for other pieces you might be working on.

    On to the actual writing. There are lessons even before you start. Since you’re writing with others, you can learn plenty from what they did. What parts of their post were good? What parts could be improved? Then you figure out the “”why”” and incorporate those lessons into your own work.

    Even if you aren’t paying attention to the technical aspects, the sheer fact that you’re writing frequently will help. There’s no proof that practice will make you perfect, but it will certainly make you better.

    The fantasy setting might turn off some writers since not everyone writes genre fiction, but it can be pretty loosely interpreted most of the time.

    If fantasy is your cup of tea though, you’ll be in love with the site. There are swords and sorcery aplenty on DaeLuin, along with floating cities and gods that walk among mortals. What’s even better – for those who would take pride in it – if you prove to be one of the more talented and active users on the site, you can become one of these gods.

    It won’t really get you anywhere in real life, but hey, who would mind the ego boost?

    To make matters better, there isn’t some kind of business running the site. It’s entirely created and run by a handful of administrators and moderators, all of whom were mere users at some point. The site runs on donations too, and all funds go toward paying to keep the server active, so no one is even making money on it.

    This is all a labor of love, and that’s why you’ll love being a part of it. So if you’re looking for a way to brush up on your writing while having a good time with a great community, check out

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