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    Athlete of the Week: Lacey Nymeyer

    Lacey Nymeyer
    Lacey Nymeyer

    After winning eight of the nine events she entered over the weekend against California and Stanford (four relay wins, four individual wins and one individual second place), the Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with senior swimmer Lacey Nymeyer to discuss which swimmer she looked up to as a kid, the weirdest piece of advice she’s ever been given by her coach and who would be on her own reality TV show.

    Wildcat: Have you ever won that many events in a two-day span before?

    Nymeyer: Um, I can’t remember, I don’t think so. It was definitely one of the better meets that I’ve had and it was nice because it was against some of the best teams in the Pacific 10 Conference and also in the country.

    W: What’s the biggest difference between this year’s team compared to last year’s team?

    N: This year, again, we have a great freshman class that’s very talented and they bring a level of excitement and raw energy. We also have a huge sophomore and junior class and I think that’s what makes a difference. Those two classes are just gaining more and more confidence in themselves and more experience. Now they know how races go and they can carry the team better because of that.

    W: What are your personal and team goals for the rest of the season?

    N: I think we’re all trying to run down a national championship. We’re trying to do everything we can to prepare ourselves and take advantage of every opportunity that we have and that kind of fuels everyone’s fire a little bit. Everybody knows that in order to achieve our team goals that we all have to achieve our individual goals, too. Personally, I want to better my times and want to be a great relay. I really want to be (there) for the team. Anything I can do in my swimming, whether it’s cheer for my teammates or give somebody a pat on back or anything else that I can do to help someone else to eventually help the team is my goal.

    W: What professional swimmer had the most influence on your racing style?

    N: She never went pro, but she swam here and just got into hall of fame and that’s Sarah Tolar. She swam the 200 (freestyle) as well and was a two-time national champion and a huge relay swimmer at U of A. I remember watching her on deck because I grew up here and my club team trained right after the college team so I watched the ends of her workouts and a lot of her races. She just had such a mental and physical toughness about her. She was a natural leader and you could tell she was trying to win every time she got in the pool.

    W: What do you have planned after this swimming season?

    N: We’ll have the Olympic trials at the end of June as soon as the NCAAs are over. I’ll prepare for the trials and I’d say I have as good a shot as anybody to make the team. I guess I’ll kind of move from one big part of my career to another.

    W: What’s your favorite sport to play besides swimming?

    N: Oh gosh. The problem is when you’re a swimmer you’re better in water than on land. I guess I’d say basketball, but I’m horrible, I can’t play at all really. But I do like hiking and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

    W: What’s the weirdest thing Coach Busch has told you would help your game?

    N: Two summers ago when I was way too intense about swimming and too caught up in places and times, he told me when I’m behind the blocks to just to smile. He said to take in the moment and take five seconds to smile, and really, it helped a lot.

    W: Who would win in a 25-yard freestyle: you or teammate Albert Subirats?

    N: I’d say Albert would win. But if we raced in the 25-yard breaststroke, then it would be a more even playing field because I know we’re both horrible at the breaststroke.

    W: What song is on pause on your iPod right now?

    N: I am a huge Tom Petty fan and “”Mary Jane’s Last Dance”” is on pause right now.

    W: If you could live with three celebrities for a reality TV show, who would they be and what would be the name of your show?

    N: Oh dude, this is gonna take some time. Ok, um, I’d like to have, well I don’t know his name. He’s on “”Take Home Chef”” (The Learning Channel’s Curtis Stone). He’s the host and he’s an Aussie chef. He’s so hot and he can cook so he’s definitely gonna be on there. I also love the show “”What Not To
    Wear”” (also on TLC) so maybe I’d have Stacy (London) and Clinton (Kelly) so they’ll tell me what to wear. And, can I have four people?

    W: Sure, It’s your show. Who’s gonna stop you?

    N: Good, because I would need Dane Cook, too, because I think he’s hilarious so he could be there for my entertainment. As for the show’s name, I really wish I were witty so I could have a funny name for my show, but I’m not at all. I guess I’d call it “”The Ultimate Guest List”” and I’d have this huge guest list and invite people to be guests at my sweet mansion, but they’d really all cater to me. If I got bored then they’d all have to entertain me, feed me and tell me what to wear.

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