Three things to watch in tonight’s Arizona MBB game vs. Michigan


Ryan Wohl

The Arizona Wildcats take on the Wichita State Shockers at 7:00 P.M. at T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov.19 2021.

Ryan Wohl

The Arizona men’s basketball team is playing against the #4 ranked Michigan Wolverines in the championship of the Roman Main Event tournament at 6:30 PST/7:30 MT P.M. Here are three things to watch out for in the game.

1. Christian Koloko vs Hunter Dickenson 

Koloko had another double-double along with four blocks and three assists in the first game of the tournament against Wichita State.

He struggled early on in the game to get good oppurtonies on the offensive end but picked it up late in the game.

Koloko continued to be a dominant force on the defensive side of the court and forced the Shockers to take more long-range shots in the second half and in overtime.

Tonight, Koloko will face his toughest test of the season and that is guarding Hunter Dickinson.

He is one of the best interior scorers in college basketball, averaging 17 points and eight rebounds throughout the season so far.

Dickinson had 13 points, seven rebounds and three assists in Michigan’s game versus UNLV on Friday.

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2. Arizona shooting woes

The Wildcats struggled to shoot the ball against Wichita State. They finished the game 40 percent from the field and 18.5 percent from deep and just couldn’t get anything going throughout the entire game.

The Shockers were very active on defense from the start of the game and didn’t leave room for shooters to get open shots.

The Wolverines shot 32 percent on 3-point shots against UNLV. They only have three players on their team that shoot above 36 percent from deep on the season.

3. Turnover issues

Arizona turned the ball over 22 times on Friday, their most of the season.

They were sloppy with the ball from the start of the game and had trouble running their offense in the half-court setting.

Michigan is ranked number four in the country on which is the premier college basketball advanced statistics website.

Arizona faces off against the Wolverines tonight at 6:30 PST/7:30 MT P.M. in the Roman Main Event championship. This game will take place at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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