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    Get to know some of the conversational canines around UA’s campus

    Christina Harris
    Erik Chavez’s dog, Millie, sits on the UA Mall on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Millie’s favorite toy is a blue, squeaky elephant.

    Dogs have put in the hard work to earn the title of man’s best friend, which may or may not mean a dog is better than your human best friend. Dogs don’t spread rumors or tell you that you look fat. That makes them better than most people.

    In the name of journalism, I set out to interview dogs (and their owners) in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive collection of dogs you can spot on campus. Most on-campus dogs are pet-able, but remember dog etiquette and always ask the owner first

    Dusty is a 1-year-old Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix. He was spotted at the farmer’s market on the UA Mall on Feb. 10.

    His owner, Feliz Zaborsky, runs the Queen Ceviche booth, which sells shrimp ceviche and salsas, as well as a new lemonade or limeade flavor each week, according to the Queen Ceviche Facebook page.

    Dusty was friendly at first. He wagged his tail any time someone approached him.

    “He just loves other animals,” Zaborsky said. “He loves to play with other dogs.”

    This wasn’t Dusty’s first rodeo. Zaborsky said he brings Dusty to five different farmer’s markets where Queen Ceviche sells its products.

    Once the camera came out, however, things changed. Dusty started barking when the Daily Wildcat photographer tried to get a few shots of the adorable dog.

    “He’s weird about cameras,” Zaborsky said.

    Overall, Dusty was a friendly dog who liked to have fun at the farmer’s market.

    Just a couple hundred feet away from Dusty, we spotted Millie, a tiny pug wearing a UA shirt.

    Millie is a 9-week-old purebred, according to her owner Erik Chavez, a business marketing sophomore. Chavez is from Huntington Beach, California, but he got Millie in Arizona.

    “She’s a Tucson resident,” Chavez said.

    Millie is very playful and energetic. She didn’t stop moving during the entire interview.

    “She always has a smile on her face. She’s a very friendly dog,” Chavez said.

    Even though she’s not even 3 months old, Millie already has a lot of interests. Her favorite toy is a blue squeaky elephant, but she also likes her ball.

    “She’s into shiny objects,” Chavez said. “She’s a little dragon.”

    Some of her interests aren’t as innocent though, she also loves to chew on shoes.

    Chavez is a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and he said Millie “pugs down” instead of “bear down.”

    Millie is somewhat of a campus celebrity. She has been featured on the UA Snapchat story several times, and even has her own Instagram. You can follow her at ua_millie. Millie and her owner can be found on the Mall, usually around 5 p.m.

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