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“Changes are a part of Facebook, life”

Day in and day out, the world around us continues to change — from healthcare, to gay rights, to basketball coaches. With each alteration comes an army of opposition, worried about the effects, afraid of experiencing something different. But these things got to where they are now — this place that we’re content with — by changing. The same can be said for Facebook.

At various times throughout the weekend and today, the active members of facebook were ambushed with a fresh homepage layout, along with panic and discomfort.

“”Welcome to your new, simplified homepage,”” the message at the top read. But nothing seemed simple at first glance.

“”I hate it!”” pre-business freshman Lauren Fletcher exclaimed in reaction to the new facebook layout implemented over the weekend. “”It’s just confusing. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now it’s confusing. I couldn’t even figure out how to log out.””

Hate and confusion are both common reactions to change, especially regarding objects and websites that affect our daily habits. Facebook is like a security blanket — familiar, dependable, comfortable. For many, it is the first thing we check in the morning and the last at night. It helps us through our lectures, connects us with friend and family and entertains us when we need it most. But sometimes, even those things we hold dearest have to change. They have to adapt for the present, improve for the better and revolutionize for the progress of society.

I may never understand why I was recently robbed of the format that I had grown to love and cherish. I may never cease to grimace at the unsightly symbols invading the top left corner of my home page. And I may never comprehend the benefit of having the list of “”friends online”” on a side panel as opposed to the pop up window it had always been. But, I have hope for a future of acceptance, tolerance and even — dare I say — comfort.

For those Facebook veterans out there, you too remember the last time our favorite social networking site decided to turn our virtual lives upside down — it feels like it was only yesterday. But now I can hardly visualize the past facebook format that I valued so avidly, so that it’s more like an old friend reduced to a vague recollection.

And though it was a beautiful friendship, we were able to move on, to move forward. We adjusted. We adapted. We accepted. And ultimately, we overcame. Though this change seems abrupt and intrusive to daily routine, time will heal the wounds of betrayal and soon we might even open our hearts to the “”new, simplified”” format — until it changes again.

Stay strong, UA.

— Rachel Leavitt is a creative writing sophomore. She can be reached trolling FarmVille at

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