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    “On the spot: Sarah Philippe, pre-business sophomore”

    So, you’ve got a really bright colored tank top on today …

        I really do. It’s bright, bright orange.

    How do you feel about that? I feel like your self-identity is being portrayed across your T-shirt in neon.

        I love it, I think it makes me stand out, and I like it a lot.

    Do you consider your self-identity the same as wearing your sorority across your shirt?

        No, but I like it because in a room of a million people I can see other people who I like because they are wearing the same shirt as me.

    And I noticed you were waving to everyone wearing the same colored tank top as you, are those your sisters or what?

        Those are my sorority sisters and I don’t know them all yet so I am trying to be friendly.

    Is there any inter-sorority competition? Because I feel like each sorority tries to outshine the other by having the brightest tank tops, hats and/or backpacks. What is that about?

        I would say everyone wants to stand out because you have your new members who you want to show off but I think we all love each other. We are all a big, greek family.

    What else are you involved in around campus?

        Well, I’m on the Black n Blue Hip Hop Crew, also in a sophomore honorary group called S.M.O.R.E.S. and I’m also the entertainment director of the Up ‘til Dawn event for St. Jude’s Research Cancer Hospital.

    Dang girl you sound like you are setting yourself up for success at the UA.

        Brush the shoulder off right now.

    Are you single?


    Who is your boyfriend?

        Taylor Owen, he goes to ASU … Loser, double.

    Wow. What is it like dating a Sun Devil? That sounds terrible.

        It’s really terrible actually. We get in a lot of fights over Devils versus Wildcats because I’d like to think the Wildcat would tear the Devil apart but … it works out.

    Aside from being romantically associated with the enemy, any embarrassing moments so far during your first few hours back on campus?

        It’s kind of awkward waiting outside of class when you don’t know anyone yet and everyone is awkwardly, like, texting.

    Totally awkward … any bike issues yet?

        Not yet, but I did walk my bike halfway here because I did not want to get hit.

    Ohh so you’re a bit apprehensive on the bike?

        Yeah, I am a bit apprehensive. It gets a little crazy on the streets of the UA.


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