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    “On the spot: Mike DiCorte, Pre-business sophomore”

    I want to talk to you about infomercials.

    Infomercials! Billy Mays.

    Do you watch a lot of infomercials?

    I see a fair share of them, just watching TV at night. If they’re on, I’ll watch them and laugh. See if it’s interesting or not.

    Do you watch a lot?

    I see a fair share of them just watching TV at night. If they’re on, I’ll watch them and laugh. See if it’s interesting or not.

    Have you ever found yourself watching an infomercial longer than you should?

    Yes, actually.

    Do you remember which one?

    Geez, there’s a couple, actually. The blender things, where you chop everything. The Magic Bullet! Yeah. That was it. I watched that for about five to 10 minutes.

    Have you ever contemplated buying something?

    Maybe the Magic Bullet. Otherwise, I’d have to have a couple margaritas to even think about getting anything from the commercials.

    Have you seen the Snuggie commercials?

    Yeah. (Laughs) Why don’t you just join the cast of “”Harry Potter”” or something if you’re going to wear that?

    Have you seen Snuggies for dogs?

    No. I have not seen that yet.

    They make them for dogs, and they make the dogs sit straight up like humans in these commercials.

    What dog is this?

    It’s a tiny dog.

    Well, that’s the problem, first off. A tiny dog is not a real dog. You need, like, a Labrador or something. A Labrador would never do that. I think if you dress up a dog in anything, much less a Snuggie, it’s going to be ugly anyway. It’s just dumb. They have fur coats. They don’t need Snuggies to keep warm. It’s really the most pointless thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. How much do they cost? Fifteen dollars probably. Buy one get one free. Yeah, it’s not well spent money if you’re buying something like that. And you’re dogs going to look like a tool. Like an old lady with her dog and its sweater at Christmas time.

    You’re very passionate about this.

    — Katie Gault


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