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    Police Beat

    Tailgaters fight, destroy tuba
    Police were dispatched to the tailgate area Saturday, Oct. 4, around 4 p.m. to break up a fight.

    Upon arrival police made contact with two men who had been fighting. They told the officers that they were watching a football game on a television when one of the men asked the other man for the remote to see what else was on TV. The man ignored him and did not hand him the remote. To get his attention, the other man hit him on the back of his head. The man gave the remote to another person sitting nearby then turned around and tackled the man who had hit him in the head.

    During the altercation the men stepped on and damaged a tuba that belonged to the UA Alumni Association.

    One of the men told officers that he tackled the other man because he did not know if he was joking when he hit him. Both men told the officers that they were friends and have been tailgating together for two or three years. Neither party said they wanted to be a victim and agreed to handle the damage to the tuba by paying the Alumni Association for the repairs.

    No charges were pressed.

    Pizza boxes and trays assail Union workers
    An employee at the Student Union Memorial Center was hit with a pizza tray after two other employees got into an altercation Oct. 4 around 2 p.m.

    Officers arrived after a man called the police because he said he had been threatened. The man told the officers that he had been trying to work in the hallway that UA Events Services shares with Papa John’s inside the student union. The man said he was unable to work because a Papa John’s employee had stacked pizza trays in the hallway. The man asked the employees to move their trays, but they ignored him. The man became angry, picked up three or four of the trays and threw them into the Papa John’s work area from the hallway.

    The man said one of the employees from Papa John’s then accosted him and said, “”I’ll kick your ass.”” The man responded by saying that he would kick the other man’s ass. The men then dispersed.

    During the altercation a woman who works at Papa John’s said she was working at the cash register when she heard someone yell and then felt an object hit the back of her right leg. When she turned around she saw a dough tray behind her. The woman confirmed the men’s altercation, saying she then saw two more trays come flying into the business area from the hallway and the two men confront and threaten each other soon after.

    Pictures were taken of the woman’s leg and placed into evidence. The woman said she would like to press charges.

    The man was arrested, cited and released for assault and disorderly conduct.

    Police confiscate cigarillos, marijuana
    A man was cited for possession of marijuana on Oct. 4 at 1:30 a.m. after he was seen smoking on campus.

    Police made contact with the man after an officer had followed the man from Highland Commons to Centennial Hall. The man admitted to the officers that he had been smoking marijuana and that he had more in his possession. He then pulled out a pack of Swisher Sweets Cigarrilos that included one half-smoked cigarillo with marijuana still inside. The other three were still in plastic wrappings.

    The man told officers that he had purchased the marijuana from a man he met through a friend earlier in the day. He said the transaction took place on campus.

    The man was cited and released for possession of marijuana. The marijuana was confiscated and placed into evidence.

    Drug search results in alcohol seizure and citation
    A man was arrested for minor-in-possession after police responded to a call about marijuana use on Oct. 4 at 1:15 a.m.

    Police were called to the Graham-Greenlee dorm for the smell of marijuana, but upon arrival in the hallway, they noted that they did not smell any marijuana.

    Officers knocked on the door of the room from which the smell had supposedly come. A man answered and said he was the resident. Police asked him if he could smell marijuana and he said no. The man then granted officers permission to enter his room. The man had seven other people in the room and his roommate was asleep on his bed.

    When officers asked for permission to search the room, the student said yes. During their search, officers found six full 12-ounce cans of Coors Light, one 1.75-liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka that was one-third full, one empty 1.75-liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka, and one five-liter Heineken keg.

    The man told officers that all of the alcohol was his.

    He was cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol. The alcohol was poured out on scene.

    Woman fails to hide beer, lies about age
    A woman was cited and released for minor in possession after UAPD saw her with a can of beer on Oct. 4 around midnight.

    Police were on patrol when they saw four people walking north on Cherry Avenue close to First Avenue. Officers saw one of the women in the group holding what looked like a can of beer. When the woman saw officers she put the beer behind her back.

    Officers made contact with the woman and asked her what she was holding. The woman gave the officers a can of Keystone Light that was cold to the touch and approximately half full. She told officers she was 21, but a check of her California driver’s license showed she was only 20.

    The woman was cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol. The beer was dumped into the street.

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