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Mailbag: March 24

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On ‘Wilbur and Wilma lose their heads, reveal secret identities,’ March 22

Wait, this is all about Wilbur! Don’t get me wrong, I love Wilbur, but Wilma is my favorite! When is the article running about Wilma (or actually Camila, since she’s been the heart and soul of this feisty kitty for the past two years!) Please don’t disappoint all the Wilma fans out here!

— Wilma’s Biggest Fan!

On ‘Senate passes Arizona sexting law,’ March 23

This article makes the whole situation sound rather negative, when, really, it’s a positive change in the legislation. Previously (and still in many states), minors have been prosecuted as child porn possessors/distributors, which makes them sex offenders for life — unable to get many jobs or live in many parts of cities. The fact that they’re bringing this down to just a misdemeanor is a step in the right direction.

That being said, there is still a lot to be done legally to adapt to the fact that high schoolers are sexually active — and that their activity is generally not abusive like the relevant laws are there to “”protect”” against.

— Jesse G

On ‘Don’t be hating on the Regents,’ March 22

I just came from Gabrielle Giffords’ office on Pima and Swan. To my observation that there are plenty of people unhappy with the tuition increase, her receptionist replied: That this is not in her jurisdiction, that it’s a state matter under the jurisdiction of the governor’s office. I don’t believe that it’s this cut and dried. In a recent passage of HR 3590, there is a provision about government control of student loans. This is not about hating anyone. If we don’t like the way the Board of Regents is spending or handling our money (yes, our money), then we should just get rid of them.

— Michael J. Beisch

Letter to the editor

Oh, my goodness.  I looked at Gary McCoy’s Obamacare cartoon and thought it was a hilarious sendup of Tea Party ignorance. Then I looked him up online and found that, much to my surprise, he seems to be serious. The clue here is “”Death Panels”” as a supposed side effect of the new Health Care initiative. This stalking horse was such an embarassment that even Sarah Palin had to drop it quickly — perhaps she found she could no longer say it with a straight face — and we know that the former Alaska governor has little shame about what she says from the podium. Now this is a University paper. If you’re going to publish conservative cartoons, can you at least find something worthy and — dare I say — intelligent? McCoy’s stuff, from what I can see, is targeted at the ignorant and uneducated. Unless it really is a sophisticated sendup. If so, it’s too sophisticated by wide margin.

— Joe McGrath

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