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    Sex a building block, not a foundation

    Sex. It’s on everyone’s mind. If you are thinking about it, you are either fantasizing or curious about it. When sex is on the minds of thousands of college students, it is bound to happen among friends, significant others and even strangers. We all know many students use this college time to experiment sexually and, over time, their sex partner count begins to rise.

    What does sex mean to students nowadays? It was once seen as something precious and emotionally connecting, yet it has turned into a casual act, like getting coffee before class. Viewing sex as a casual act devalues the bond when someone does find true love. In movies such as “American Pie” and in the television series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” young people are depicted having casual sex, which transmits the message that potentially getting a sexually transmitted disease or getting pregnant is acceptable. In our society, sex sells and media influences send the message that it’s okay to have sex with different people.

    There are hundreds of articles on the Internet that inform the public on how to have better sex or how to improve the libido of men and women. People with curious minds give in and read these articles and studies to find out how to pleasure their significant other. In this day and age, sex has become a foundation for many relationships. It goes as far as people fearing that their relationship isn’t going to work out because of their partner’s sexual performance. People treat sexual activity as a type of horoscope. Trust me, you are not going to learn about their personality from a one night stand. Just because he didn’t hit her G-spot doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have had an emotional connection. It is pathetic to judge someone based on his or her performance in bed.

    Sex is a healthy part of life and you shouldn’t give it away without discretion. The saying “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” comes into play, especially if it’s sex in an uncommitted relationship. In the beginning of the relationship, it’s crucial to set a strong foundation of communication, respect and love. It’s just not all about the sex; there needs to be a happy medium if you want it to work. Strong sense of self is also important because there are too many girls who sleep around thinking it will get them the guy. Sex is something that should be shared between two people who love each other. Sex has become based on pure physicality and has been separated from sentimental feelings. Sex early on in any relationship, whether it is between friends with benefits or in a committed bond, can be problematic and threatening to any situation.

    College students (and young people in general) jump into things too quickly and it jeopardizes their future relationships. The only guarantee to having a successful relationship is waiting until there is a sure sign of commitment from both partners. Sex isn’t what makes a relationship work, although it may help. Until you are in a healthy relationship, please keep it in your pants.

    — Jacquelyn Abad is a sophomore studying journalism and Spanish. She can be reached at

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