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    Duo’s strong performance emotional

    Right now it’s good to be a lesbian. With MySpace vixen Tila Tequila currently creating an oversexed buzz with her reality show, it has never been a better time to appreciate girls.

    And, while I might not want to date the fairer sex, I must own up to having possibly the biggest crush on Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara. Sadly, Sara was plagued by a cold at last Thursday’s show, which might have affected her already thin vocals, but didn’t affect a strong performance by the duo.

    Tegan and Sara
    The Rialto Theatre
    Thursday, Nov. 1
    3.5 stars

    The twins played all their songs off of The Con, their latest release.

    While those tracks don’t always resonate well on the album, often times they were successfully executed in their performance. “”Dark Come Soon”” might come across as an overly emotional song, something a high school girl would blast in her room while crying over her broken heart, but in a live setting the deep tones vibrated off of the Rialto walls, providing for an intense experience.

    “”Hop A Plane,”” a bubbly pop song, became more tolerable as Tegan and Sara let an audience member tell everyone about how she jumped from a train for love, and Tegan replied that she jumped on a plane, hence the name of the song.

    While the Quin sisters must find it edgy to play The Con from the last track to the first in their live shows, it added to an awkward end to their initial set. “”The Con,”” the title track (and my favorite), should have been the finale. The emotion behind Tegan as she sang “”Calm down, I’m calling you to say/ I’m capsized, erring on the edge of safe,”” was stirring, especially for such a catchy pop song.

    Although the show was full of great audience interaction and solid performances by the duo, the encore solidified my love for and opinion of Sara. Although she was sick, she still came out to the stage alone, with no mic and only a guitar in hand.

    After prompting the audience to remain quiet, she launched into “”Walking with the Ghost,”” arguably the band’s most popular song. When her voice began to give out, the audience jumped in to sing along, until some of the lyrics caused confusion to ruin the moment. After her solo performance, Sara was joined by Tegan and their back-up band for an entertaining cover of Rihanna’s “”Umbrella.””

    Although their songs aren’t necessarily strong pieces of writing and composition, Tegan and Sara’s skills and perseverance as performers made the concert a packed and pleasant experience.

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