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OPINION: The fight for reproductive freedom is not over

Capri Fain

A woman in the crowd raises a fist in solidarity with Betsy Boggia, who speaks at the rally for legal abortion on May 14, 2022, in Armory Park in Tucson, Arizona. Protests like these will likely become much more common following Friday’s Roe v. Wade overruling. 

Today, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that in 1973 allowed women of this country the right to an abortion. Now, as the nation is at war with reproductive health, we are left wondering: “what does this mean for me?”

If you are young, old, middle-aged, partnered or single, this ruling applies to you. It affects everyone who lives in America and believes in freedom: freedom of choice, freedom to make decisions about one’s own body. This ruling is a step backward in the fight for a truly free democracy. But it is not over yet. There are still options for people who need, or want, to get an abortion. Here’s what is available to you: 

If you are living in Tucson, I have good news for you: Mayor Regina Romero has publicly stated that she is in support of a woman’s right to choose. In a Tweet posted this morning, Romero said, “Though not unexpected, this infringement of our rights is hard to accept. The Supreme Court has delivered a wrecking ball, dismantling the rights of SOME people in this country. #IDissent.” 

And Romero is not just talking she’s taken action to protect the rights of women’s choice over their own bodies. In a unanimous ruling along with Tucson’s city council made in early June, Romero passed a resolution to uphold abortion rights for women, as well as to protect physicians performing abortions. This contradicts Arizona’s law SB1164 which dictates that physicians performing abortions would face charges of a Class 6 Felony. This means that the Tucson Police Department will not arrest physicians performing abortions or take action to arrest those seeking abortions themselves. 

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This is a point of hope for those who seek out and perform abortions. However, Gov. Doug Ducey said in a statement to KGUN9 that the city of Tucson does not have the right to make such statements, and he will rescind state funding to the city should they continue down this path. The consequences of this for Tucson residents are unclear. 

As of now, Arizona residents may still get an abortion. According to Politico, access to abortion in the state is still permissible until the fetus reaches viability. For those who are unaware, viability refers to the state of the fetus’ development where it is capable of living. But this will not remain forever. The ban on abortions will go into effect no later than Sept. 29. 

There is quite a bit that you can do to fight for pro-choice policies during this tumultuous time. The Arizona Primary Election is coming up on Aug. 2. You can find a list of candidates and what they stand for on the 12 News website

In preparation for the Nov. 8 election for the Senate and House of Representatives, Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom is floating a petition that, if signed by 350,000 Arizona registered voters, will have a chance of making it on the ballot. According to KGUN9, the petition aims to make women’s reproductive rights part of Arizona’s Constitution. 

In order for the petition to have a chance of making it on the ballot, petitioners must sign by July 7. Check out Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom’s website for information on how and where to sign. 

If you are currently seeking an abortion in the Tucson area, the Tucson Abortion Support Collective has plenty of information for those seeking help or care. Planned Parenthood Tucson also has many different options and opportunities for care and help for those in need.  

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will change the landscape of this nation for years to come, but the fight for freedom in women’s reproductive healthcare is not over. You can still make a difference and help protect the rights of women everywhere to choose what happens to their own bodies.  

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Sophia Applin 
Sophia Applin 

Sophie Applin is the current Opinions Editor for the Daily Wildcat. She enjoys reading, writing and having strong opinions.

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