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    Athlete of the Week: Claire Bodiya

    Athlete of the Week: Claire Bodiya

    Editor’s note: Arizona women’s soccer defender Claire Bodiya scored her first career collegiate goal Sunday to defeat Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in overtime. The Wildcat caught up with Bodiya to discuss her goal, teammate Kaity Heath and David Beckham.

    Arizona Daily Wildcat: Your first career goal was a game-winning goal, how did it feel?

    Bodiya: It was awesome, actually. I was like a little kid when I celebrated (laughs).

    W: You think you’ll be going for some more now that you know what it feels like?

    B: Well, I’ve been going for them for three years; it just hasn’t been my luck. But, yeah, I’ll definitely keep going for more.

    W: You’ve been playing with Kaity Heath since seventh grade. What’s the best thing about playing with her?

    B: It’s nice because we came from the same club team (Sereno Golden Eagles). So we know the fundamentals of the back line. It’s one less person you have to teach it to.

    W: She has more career goals than you – is there any rivalry there?

    B: Oh, no. She attacks a lot more than I do. She plays outside-back, and they are supposed to go forward. I play center back, so I stay back. The only time I go up is on corners (corner kicks), and that’s what I scored off of.

    W: You’re a senior this year. What are your plans for next year?

    B: I’ll probably keep training for WUSA (Women’s United Soccer Association, which folded in 2003). It’s supposed to come back. So I’ll keep training and then come back for school. I’m going to do a fifth year.

    W: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of soccer?

    B: Play with my puppies.

    W: What are their names?

    B: Teddy and Zoe. They’re about one year (old) each.

    W: The women’s World Cup is coming up. Are you going to watch?

    B: Yeah, I actually think I have a friend on the (United States) team. I’m not sure if she’s on the full team or not. But also, Shannon Boxx is playing (for the U.S. team), and I think she’s a really good player, so I’ll be watching her.

    W: What do you think about David Beckham playing in America? Can he help the sport here?

    B: (Laughs). Well, my best friend (Robert Findley) was on the L.A. Galaxy when he was coming out. I was actually staying with him, and I thought ‘Oh, I just want to go have lunch with him when (Beckham) comes to town.’ But my friend actually got traded like the week before he came. I think (Beckham’s arrival) is good because it makes soccer more popular, granted he’s been hurt quite a few times already, which is expected. But, yeah, it’s good for publicity of our sport.

    – as told to Bobby Stover

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