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    Mailbag: Nov. 21

    Penn State scandal never should have gone this far

    In response to “Penn State defense is cowardly, convenient” (Nov. 14 issue):

    Nothing could be more nauseating than a topic like this. This scandal absolutely sickens me. There are actually several issues of concern here. First and foremost is the willful and deliberate sexual molestation of children. Our nation’s youth are already victimized in so many ways (by adults) in this country. How is it that these warped and perverted “leaders” manipulate their way into positions of power? And once they have such power use it to force a defenseless person to comply with their pedophile desires? Are there no screens (psychological testing and otherwise) to prevent this from happening? Secondly, how could such criminal behavior be allowed to go unreported to law enforcement? And why for so long? How could college athletics become so corrupt that nothing—-absolutely nothing—-will threaten the financial racket it has become. Thirdly, why is it that university officials are not required to connect the financial dots linking the money taken in by college athletics to the benefits received by the students. Is it because there is no connection? Finally, it is certainly ironic that former coach (Joe) Paterno was idolized as “Joe Pa” all these years when he failed the most important duty of any parent; to protect your children. One has to wonder if Mr. Paterno’s behavior would have been any different had one of those victims been his grandchild. Perhaps “Molest-Pa” would be a more suitable nickname. Let us hope that he and his cronies get what they deserve. Let justice be done though the sports programs fall.

    — Joe Bialek

    ASUA image needs repair, won’t be helped by new elections code

    In response to “ASUA elections: easier to violate” (Nov. 17 issue):

    I really enjoyed the editorial article about the ASUA election policy changes. I am happy to see that I am not alone in thinking that the revisions to the ASUA disciplinary policies are completely flawed. We should learn from the mistakes of last year’s election and work to improve the democratic system. Yet, this new policy would allow for more violations and less repercussions. Not knowing what constitutes to a violation is not an excuse. Candidates should know exactly what is allowed in a campaign election and what isn’t. These proposed changes will only make this system more conducive to more violations and will only further undermine and tarnish the image that ASUA desperately needs to repair. 

    — Elieza Tang
    Ecology and evolutionary biology

    A rivalry win erases a season of losses

    As a proud alumnus of this university, I can honestly say that the victory against Arizona State University caused all the low points of this season to be erased. Congrats to the football team for never quitting and fighting all year long like true champions.
    — Gabriel Mark Bustamante
    Class of 2006

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