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    “On the Spot: Amanda Servin, psychology senior”

    So how many years did it take you (to graduate)?

    Well I went to Pima for a while, but here at the UA I have been here for two years – I transferred.

    How many total years after high school?

    I didn’t go to high school. I did Pima instead of high school and then I transferred. I am 19, actually. I am graduating a little early.

    What are your plans for after graduation?

    I want to get a job and spend some time with my family in California. Then I want to move to Israel.

    What do you want to do in Israel?

    I want to do some social work.

    What is your favorite memory here at
    the UA?

    I would have to say it would be one of the many times Brother Jed graced our campus.

    What is your favorite Brother Jed quote?

    “”It is not ok to be gay.”” He is such a funny man. He is such a bigot, it’s hilarious. Such a bigot.

    What are you going to remember most looking back at your time here?

    It was really hot. Really, really hot.

    What is the one thing your not going to miss at all?

    That stupid “”Bear Down”” song every noon.

    Not a “”Bear Down”” fan?

    No I am definitely school spirit all the way, but the song every single afternoon starts to get on your nerves a little bit.

    Do you know all of the words?

    I think so.

    How many friends and family do you have coming to graduation?

    I’m not going to my graduation. I want to be in Disneyland instead.

    What are you going to do in Disneyland?

    Splash Mountain all the way – best ride.

    What are you going to scream as you’re going down that will celebrate your commencement?

    “”I’m a graduate bitches.””

    You and Wilbur are hanging out, what is the one thing you would say to Wilbur as you’re walking off the campus?

    It was great being here two years with you Wilbur.

    – Ian Friedman

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