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    Boca Tacos offers warm atmosphere and a new food experience


    A view of BOCA Tacos y Tequila, a Mexican restaurant on Speedway Boulevard. BOCA is a popular destination for college students who have a taste for Mexican food.

    Standing among the restaurants along Speedway Blvd, lies a small, venerable building with sign above traffic proudly stating “We salsas hotter than your wife”. Outside of the establishment, a quaint patio is set up with plastic chairs and wooden picnic tables. Upon entering the restaurant, the sound of Spanish music streams into the ears, and the smells of Mexican spices flows into the nose. The appearance inside gives off the vibe between dive bar and cantina. Welcome to Boca Tacos y Tequila.

    Boca isn’t your everyday taco shop. From simple Pollo tacos to loaded Big Dude Nachos, the menu is loaded with good eats all around. The restaurant focuses on their street-style tacos, where each taco is ordered individually in order to allow the customer to mix and match different tacos. The tacos themselves are of decent proportion, and the taste is not lacking. The Puerco Verde Tacos, which cost $3.75, is a shredded pork taco cooked in a tomatillo sauce that is made from scratch. Another great option for tacos is the Camaron Tacos. Priced at $3.55, the diner gets the choice of either beer battered fried shrimp, or grilled shrimp marinated in lime, butter, and chipotle. Along with a numerous amount of different tacos, customer get their choice between either having corn or flour tortillas for their order, and all tacos come with a drizzle of guacamole and minced cabbage.

    As wonderful as each taco is on Boca’s menu, it doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of creations to experience. One of these delicious dishes is one of their extremely popular Boca Balls. This innovative culinary twist uses balls of chipotle mashed potatoes, which are then rolled in panic bread crumbs, and then fried. Each order is served with six balls which are topped with the Boca dipping sauce, and is only $5.25.

    Along with amazing dishes you can order, the tacos also come with a variety salsas that a freshly made everyday. Now, these aren’t the run of the mill salsas that anyone can buy at the store. These complex salsas range from cilantro habanero orange salsa to the sweeter cranberry basil salsa.

    If a diner is feeling adventurous, every Wednesday the chef makes specialty tacos from exotic meat. This week’s exotic taco is alligator.

    Although the food was delicious, there is one downside to the experience. The wait for food unexplainably lengthy. Although there was only one other group, which was only a two person party, it took longer than 20 min. to get the food to the table.

    Overall, Boca Tacos y Tequila is a great place to go grab a bite to eat. The warm and relaxed ambience invites guests to unwind and enjoy some flavorful food. Boca is a place for diners who like new experiences in food, and are willing to take a gamble every once and while on the culinary roulette.

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