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UA siblings bond in fraternities, sororities

Gordon Bates
Amy Webb / Daily Wildcat Chloe and Britta O’Connor are both sisters and Kappa Alpha Theta sisters. Chloe, sophomore, has been in Kappa Alpha Theta for two years. Britta,senior, has been in the sorority for four years.

For the O’Connors, the word “sister” has many meanings. 

Sisters Britta and Chloe O’Connor both decided to join the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority because they felt the sorority was “home” from the start.

“I always knew Theta was the perfect little home for me,” Britta O’Connor said, who is a senior studying psychology.

Britta O’Connor said that although she did not push her younger sister to join, she was nervous the entire time her sister went through the recruitment process because she “wanted her to join Theta so badly.”

“It’s so nice having her here and seeing her everyday,” she said. “It’s perfect. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Chloe O’Connor, an undeclared sophomore, said she felt the sorority was home from the second she walked in and that if she did not join Kappa Alpha Theta, her and her sister’s relationship would be “just as strong no matter what.”

“We’re best friends, no doubt,” she said. “We know what the other is thinking. I know what bugs her.”

Chloe O’Connor explained their relationship has grown since the two have been away from Chandler, Ariz. because they rely on each other more.

“I know I can go to her house to do my laundry, and she can come here (to Kappa Alpha Theta) whenever she needs food,” joked Chloe O’Connor.

Sam Silbereich, a political science senior, said he persuaded his little brother Jake Silbereich, a pre-business sophomore, to join the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity when he learned he was coming to the UA.

“I felt he could partake in the experience I was having,” Sam Silbereich said. “The values of our fraternity aligned with the values we both have.”

As a transfer student, Sam Silbereich was not planning on joining Greek Life, but after a member from home introduced him to other members he decided to join. Sam Silbereich explained he watched his fraternity grow from 23 active members when he joined three years ago to 70 active members, and wanted he and his brother to grow the fraternity together.

“We’re really close, he is one of my best friends. I’ve seen him grow up,” he added.

Jake Silbereich said joining a different fraternity did not cross his mind because he “fit in so well” at Sigma Alpha Mu.

“This was my best choice of college so far,” Jake Silbereich said. “He (Sam) wasn’t a factor of me not joining. I looked at some other frats, but they didn’t seem right.”

Although Jake Silbereich said being in a fraternity together has brought them closer, he said having Sam Silbereich around when he first came to college was helpful during a stressful time because Sam Silbereich could answer any questions regarding school, teachers and Greek Life.

“(Sam Silbereich) was always there to help me,” Jake Silbereich added.

Not all of the Sigma Alpha Mu brothers wanted their siblings to join, however.

Stephen Ost, a computer science senior, did not try to persuade his younger brother Isaac Ost, an engineering freshman, to join because he didn’t want to force him into it.

“I let him choose what he wants,” Stephen Ost explained. “If he thinks it’s good for him, he’ll do it.”

Stephen Ost said he wanted to be in Greek Life to meet new people and because he already had many friends in it. Stephen Ost added that he and his brother’s relationship wouldn’t be very different if they were in the fraternity together because they see each other on a daily basis.

“We’re best friends,” Stephen Ost said. “I take him to all the parties. I’m basically his dad.”

Isaac Ost, however, never considered joining a fraternity because he said it did not feel right to him.

“If you join a frat, they are pretty much the only people you hang out with,” Isaac Ost said. “Going to different groups is what I like to do.”

Isaac Ost explained that having a brother in a fraternity did not help him decide to join because he wanted friends based on his personality and not which group he was apart of. 

“Our relationship is good, he is my second-best friend,” joked Isaac Ost. “My little brother Max Ost is my actually best friend … he’s 20 months old.”

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