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Maibag: April 5

ASUA’s mistakes overshadow its merit

Daily Wildcat Editorial Board,

I have read the Daily Wildcat’s tirade on the Associated Students of the University of Arizona the past few weeks in response to the elections debacle.

I understand and relate to students’ frustration with the messiness of elections this year. This was nothing that could have been predicted and there was no precedent for such an occurrence. The elections commissioner has reacted in what he considers to be the best manner possible under the circumstances.

Changes will need to be made in the future to ensure a stable elections process, and I commit to encouraging these changes to the next administration.

One such change, the implementation of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act release forms, will be included in candidate packets if a special election occurs.

However, I respectfully disagree with some of the commentary that has been made.

Elections are not representative of ASUA.

Despite the elections, this has been a positive year for ASUA. We have made progress in many areas. We have been a voice for students on issues affecting the university. We have shown financial responsibility. We positively represented the university on the national scene. We have adjusted and improved upon past mistakes, showing commitment to correcting blunders that are inevitable when running any government institution.

Most of this has not been acknowledged. Instead, students are encouraged to blow off ASUA in response to a dramatic election year, in which for the first time in many years, we actually had a competitive and contentious election.

ASUA certainly makes mistakes, but to tell ASUA “”it’s over,”” and to blow off the institution that makes decisions on students’ behalf, is a disservice to the entire student body.

Right now, tuition and fees, arguably the most important issues for students, are being discussed.

ASUA approved a tuition and fee stance to be submitted to the regents. We were the only student government in the state to defend student voice and encourage minimizing the full tuition and fee increase

Unfortunately, the Daily Wildcat chose not to cover the proposal that was discussed at last week’s meeting. I use this example to show that there is more to us than the actions of several individuals that have been highlighted the past few weeks to the student body, and students should be reminded of that.

As president, I commit to accepting responsibility and being accountable to students, but I encourage the Wildcat’s balance of recognition and condemnation when commenting on ASUA’s actions.

Thank you always for expressing your opinions. I really do respect and appreciate the work of student media in keeping student government accountable. In writing this, I only hope to give another perspective.

— Emily Fritze, ASUA president

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