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Police Beat: January 29

You snooze, you lose

The University of Arizona Police Department responded to a call on Friday involving a non-UA affiliated man who was passed out on the side of the Administration building.

Officers were called by a resident assistant who saw the man. When they arrived, one of the officers observed the man snoring and attempted to wake him up by shouting. The man woke up, but seemed dazed and confused.

The officer wanted to make sure that the man was OK and asked him if was sleeping or passed out. This angered the man, and he became hostile and agitated.

The officer then tried to figure out why he was on campus. He asked the man if he needed help with anything or if he was lost, but the man did not answer any of his questions.
UA Emergency Medical Services arrived to evaluate the man, but he resisted and became even more aggressive.

The UAPD officer then ran a history check on the man and found he had been cited for two other incidents on campus within the past month: for sifting through trash receptacles and trespassing in the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences building.

The officer began to read the man his rights, and while he was doing so, the man said, “Go ahead and read it, finish it — I don’t care about it or you.”

At this point, due to the man’s hostile and argumentative behavior and his prior encounters with UAPD within the past few weeks, he was issued an Exclusionary Order that prohibits him from returning to campus for six months.

Call the Secret Service

A UA employee contacted UAPD regarding a counterfeit bill last Thursday.

The employee said she was counting money and noticed that a particular $20 bill had a different texture than the other bills and looked odd. After looking closer, she noticed that it had a reflective surface and realized the bill was fake. The bill was received sometime during the women’s
basketball game on Jan. 17 in McKale Center.

Although the time a customer paid with the fake $20 bill could not be determined, UAPD took it into evidence, and it was forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service.

Getting too fratty

Two UA students were arrested and released for underage drinking last Sunday.

While patrolling First Street and Vine Avenue, an officer noticed two women in an odd situation: one was lying with half of her body on the sidewalk and half in a bush, and the other woman was standing over her, trying to get her out of the bush.

When the officer pulled over, the women began to walk away. The officer asked them to stop after he noticed that the woman who had been in the bush could barely walk, and asked if they needed medical attention. They both replied no and said they were just trying to get home.

When the officer asked the woman why she had been lying in the bushes, she claimed she had fallen because she was tired from walking.

While talking to the women, the officer could smell alcohol on both of their breaths and saw they both had bloodshot eyes. He asked them where they were coming from, and they replied, “A house on Greek Row.”

“The frat boys kicked us out,” one of them said.

They would not specify which house they were drinking at, and kept asking the officer to give them a warning so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Both girls were arrested on charges of underage drinking and were released at the scene. They were diverted to the Dean of Students Office.

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