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OPINION: What ZonaZoo Pass is right for you?


With school in full swing, you may have started to get some (or many) emails from ZonaZoo. The more athletically inclined among us might have already had their sports tickets booked, face paint ready and jerseys hanging clean in the closet.

The less sporty among us may not have a clue what ZonaZoo is or what it means for the students not anxiously awaiting the first tailgate of the season. These are the students who may prefer to stay in with a book or movie on game day – the ones who diligently avoid the crowds surrounding Arizona Stadium during football season because, let’s face it, that’s a nightmare.

Whether you fall into the first category or the second, the University of Arizona still welcomes you with open arms into its sports world with ZonaZoo passes. So if you’re wondering what membership is right for you to enjoy sports year-round, take a look at the line-up below and you’ll be sure to score the perfect pass for you.

ZonaZoo Starter Membership: Free

If you’re a freshman unsure about your commitment to Arizona sports, this is the pass for you. Included in every student’s athletic fee, the ZonaZoo Starter Membership is basically free (i.e., there is no extra cost) for all students. This pass gets you into every UA athletic game except for men’s basketball and football. Start off with this pass if you’re wondering whether or not to leave the comfort of home for a sports game. The allure of the couch may win out, but with the Starter Membership, you can dip your toes in the water without having to commit more time and money than you might actually have.

“Blue” ZonaZoo Membership: $100

Are you a sports fan not quite ready to go to bat for a more expensive pass? The Blue ZonaZoo Membership has got you covered. Not only do you get admission to Arizona home football games, but you are also admitted to all home games for baseball, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, soccer and women’s basketball. In addition to home game admission for most Arizona sports, the Blue pass gives you special invitations to ZonaZoo events, and a free tee shirt so you can rep your favorite team in true UA style. Be aware that this pass requires Wildcats to reserve tickets in advance for home football games; so make sure you’re ready to pounce when games are announced.

White ZonaZoo Membership: $100

Sometimes the UA can feel a little undergraduate-focused. Not to worry though, there’s a place for sports-minded grad students, too. With the White ZonaZoo Pass, graduate students who have paid their athletic fee can get admission to all sports including men’s basketball and football – if you reserve a ticket in advance. This membership still includes grad students in the crazy chaos that is ZonaZoo without having to make the commitment some of the other passes require. However, unlike the Blue membership, you’ll have to bring your own tee shirts to sport that UA spirit. Put those thesis-crafting minds to work on a great shirt design and earn a few points with your peers for your school spirit.

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Red ZonaZoo Membership: $150

So you like sports; but do you really, really like sports? If so, the Red ZonaZoo Membership will be a slam dunk for you. This pass is all about University of Arizona basketball. In addition to the perks offered by the Blue Pass, Red Pass holders get admission to all men’s and women’s basketball games and post-season tournament tickets for men’s basketball. You’ll be able to spread the love for UA basketball with this pass: Red ZonaZoo holders also get priority for purchasing UA Men’s Basketball Student Holiday Packs. Does Dad desperately need a basketball-themed Christmas mug? He sure does, and with this pass, you can be the perfect kid and finally make Dad proud. It’s important to remember that with this pass you must reserve your tickets for men’s basketball. So if you’re a diehard Arizona basketball fan, procrastinate that assignment a little more to make time to reserve tickets for the best games of the season.

“All In” Membership: $450 

Freshmen who are ready to foot the big bill for ZonaZoo (or pass it off to their parents), need to check out the “All In” Pass. This pass gets you all the benefits of the Red pass – so you’ll still get that free tee shirt you’re dying to wear – but this will last for all four years of your time at UA instead of just one. This pass is definitely a home run.

ZonaZoo might cater to Wildcats who love each and every sport the University of Arizona has to offer, but there is still a place for students who may not know the difference between a goal and a basket (guilty). Check out the great ZonaZoo passes UA has to offer for another way to get involved on campus and rep the red and blue.

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Sophia Applin 
Sophia Applin 

Sophie Applin is the Opinions Editor for the Daily Wildcat. She enjoys reading, writing and having strong opinions.

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