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    On the Spot

    On the Spot

    We saw Kevin Valencia and his friend sitting in front of American Apparel on East University Boulevard.

    Wildcat: Hi, I’m from the student paper, the Wildcat, and I was wondering if I could interview you.

    (Friend): Sure.

    W: OK, I’m going to take your picture.

    (Friend): Wait, are you going to pay me?

    W: What? No.

    (Friend): No way. This is my person, and I’ve had a rough day. Fifteen-year-olds and 16-year-olds here, and you want to put something in the paper. Put that one in the paper! Otherwise, you can leave us alone.

    W: I can leave. It’s OK.

    Valencia: No, I can do it. It’s OK.

    W: Is that OK?

    V: I can do it.

    W: I just don’t want him to get mad at me.

    (Friend): I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the minuteman at work. You want to put something in the paper, I’ll get mad at you. Fifteen and 16-year- olds, I’ve got a 45 mag in the trunk…

    W: Yeah.

    V: Don’t mind him.

    W: OK, I’m going to take your picture. What’s your name?

    V: Kevin Valencia.

    W: Well I was just walking around, and, what are you doing on University?

    V: Waiting for somebody.

    W: I don’t want to be intrusive.

    V: You’re not intrusive.

    W: How come you’re in an army suit? Are you in the Air Force?

    V: No.

    W: Do you just … like to … dress up?

    V: Yeah, for the hell of it.

    W: Yeah, I do that too a lot. Um, where did you get it?

    V: Savers.

    W: Oh really, the entire thing?

    V: Yeah.

    W: It’s really cool. Are you allowed to carry a gun?

    V: Yeah.

    W: How can you get a permit?

    V: To get a permit, you have to be between 18 and 21. Eighteen you can carry a shotgun. Twenty-one you can carry a pistol like mine.

    W: Cool. So what do you do during the day? Do you just hang out and go to University?

    V: Hang out with friends.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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