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    Police beat: October 30

    Party animal
    A UA student was diverted to the Dean of Students Office for charges of minor in possession of alcohol in the body on Saturday at 11:40 p.m.

    University of Arizona Police Department officers received a call that evening about a woman on the ground by Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage.

    When the officers arrived, they found a woman dressed in a black bunny costume lying on the ground, not moving. The woman seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness.
    Officers were able to find her wallet and identify her as a UA student.

    University of Arizona Student Emergency Medical Services arrived on scene to evaluate the student. The Tucson Fire Department was also called because the student was unresponsive.

    When the woman was able to speak, she told SEMS that she had taken four shots of vodka, Adderall and several weight loss pills.

    UAPD officers noticed the woman’s watery and bloodshot eyes. She slurred her words when attempting to speak to officials, and a strong smell of alcohol was on her breath.

    At that point, the student was taken to University of Arizona Medical Center to be treated for extreme intoxication. An ambulance arrived to take the student to the UAMC. Someone had to help her stand up because she could not do so on her own.

    The student was diverted to the Dean of Students Office and no further legal action was taken.

    Running man
    A UA student was arrested on alcohol-related charges outside of the University Information Technology Services building on Saturday at 1:10 a.m.

    UAPD officers were on patrol for a sorority event earlier that evening. While patrolling, they noticed two men and a woman walking in front of them.

    One of the men walking turned and saw the patrol vehicle. Then, he threw something against a wall east of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and started running westbound, leaving the woman and other man behind.

    Officers turned on their emergency lights and followed the running man. As officers got out of the vehicle, the man turned around and looked at them, then kept running.

    Officers continued to follow the man into an alley. As they got close to a dumpster, the man came out from behind it with his hands raised above his head.

    The student was handcuffed and taken back to the patrol vehicle. When they got back to the car, they saw the other man and woman had left and were unable to track them down.

    The handcuffed student admitted to throwing an unopened 12-ounce bottle of Bud Light Platinum when he saw the patrol car. His breath smelled heavily of alcohol and he had bloodshot, watery eyes.

    The student would not give the names of the people who were with him or tell the officers how they had gotten the alcohol.

    He was cited and released on charges of minor in possession of alcohol in the body.

    A code of conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students Office for the student.

    Bloody fingers
    On Saturday at 1:13 a.m., UAPD officers diverted a UA student to the Dean of Students Office for a minor with spirituous liquor in the body.

    Officers were called to the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall to help a drunken student in need of medical assistance.

    They met the drunken student’s roommate in the lobby of the residence hall, along with TFD paramedics, and were escorted to the student’s dorm room.

    When they entered the room, they found the student lying down. She had watery, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, but was coherent and able to answer questions.

    The student’s roommate said she had called the paramedics because the drunken student had been unconscious earlier. She was also worried because another woman had tried to gag the drunken student to induce vomiting, but when she pulled her finger out of the student’s throat, there was blood on her fingertip.

    It was determined by the paramedics that the student did not need to be taken to UAMC for evaluation.

    The student was referred to diversion but told that she could be arrested at a later point in time.

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