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GAME BLOG: Arizona vs. Oklahoma State game LIVE

GAME BLOG: Arizona vs. Oklahoma State game LIVE


Loss for words. This is unreal. 59 points. Against a team that has DOMINATED Arizona the last two years.

Rich Rodriguez can do no wrong. Except maybe lost to South Carolina State.

And we have a game. FINAL SCORE: 59-38. Arizona wins.


Ka’Deem Carey struggled for three quarters or so. Owning the fourth.
TOUCHDOWN again for Carey. Three on the day. Arizona leads 59-38. Yes. 59 points.

Gets second straight 100-yard rushing game with 126 yards.


OK State moving ball up the field pretty quickly. Might be too late though. Lunt wildly overthrows his receiver. He’s just a freshman, in my eyes he had a hell of a game. He has a future.

Lunt throws a 22-yard touchdown to Tracy Moore, Moore’s fourth of the game. Arizona leads 52-38.

That’s four touchdowns given up by Shaq Richardson, ya’ll.

Arizona running the ball, running the clock down. Like they should.

Ka’Deem TOUCHDOWN. Broke at least two tackles on 25-yard touchdown run. Arizona 52, OK State 31


Rich Rodriguez is about to be the most popular man in town.

Overall, poor showing for general fan base. But, Zona Zoo has stayed packed to the brim from start to finish. So, Zona Zoo, I applaud you.

Annnnnnd Jared Tevis with his second interception of the game. Who is this Arizona defense? Who are you!


Jonathan McKnight with a 48-yard interception touchdown! Play of the game. No question. Holy moly, ya’ll. Since spring, and last year, everyone has called McKnight the best cover corner on the team. Now it’s more than just talk.

Go for two, another flag on OK State. Converts. 45-31.


And the tally is at 12 penalties, 145 yards for OK State. That’s a gift for Arizona. Be thankful, RichRod.

Three-and-out to start the quarter for Wildcats. Need to make a stop on the Cowboys this drive.

Give Lunt time, he makes plays. Long ones. It’s that simple.

After a flea flicker, Lunt forces it into triple coverage….and almost gets it. Yikes.

On maybe the biggest 3rd down of the game….Arizona gives up the first down. Lunt is smooth, proficient under pressure. Very impressed with the kid.


Wes Lunt has phenomenal deep-pass accuracy. Seems like he’s hit almost about every single one. OK State quickly bring the ball into Arizona territory.

Jake Fischer gets his first tackle of the half with 2:00 left in the third. Had eight in the first half.

Austin Hill, by the way, quietly gets his second straight 100-yard game. Also, second straight such performance against OSU. Has 124 yards.

After threatening drive down into UA red zone, Lunt throws a catchable ball to Blake Jackson in the end zone, he drops it.

OSU’s Quinn Sharp nails 25 yard field goal. Hits the upright, but goes in still. Arizona leads, 37-31.


First play on drive, long pass thrown behind Austin Hill but he still makes the catch. That kid doesn’t drop any balls thrown in his area. It’s unreal. A pro prospect if I’ve ever seen one.

After a first down run by Carey (he’s looking a lot better this half) and a pass to Morrison, Wildcats find themselves in the red zone again.

Scott touchdown! Sees a hole, takes it in himself for his 3rd career rushing TD. Wildcats lead 37-28.


Kyle Dugandzic gets his first punt of the game with 6:40 left in the 3rd quarter for Arizona after a three-and-out.

Lunt gets a quick, long first down completion. OK State making it look easy again. Randle runs for a first down. Uh oh.

Arizona gets lucky, as Wes Lunt overthrows a wide open Josh Stewart. First killer penalty for the UA comes on an encroachment call. Penalties are a no-no, especially this late in the game. Free yardage is not good. Joseph Randle makes yards look free, by the way. Gains another 10 yards to put him over 100 yards.

Touchdown run by Jeremy Smith for OK State, 10 yards. Score is now 30-28 in Arizona’s favor.


Only time this defense struggles: When ball is thrown near Shaq Richardson. When Joseph Randle runs the ball. For the most part.

Well I lied, OK State brought the ball all the way up the field quite easily. Looked eerily similar to the first two drives. Is there trouble ahead?

Wes Lunt’s 3rd touchdown pass to receiver Tracy Moore brings the score back to 30-21. Arizona still in the lead.

Ka’Deem fights for a first down reception to open the second half.

Aaaaaand another penalty…same old, same old for OK State so far. That’s a record for the Cowboys….10 penalties, 125 yards.

RichRod taking risks, and I’m loving it. 4th and 2, Scott gets the first-down. Move the chains. Moving the ball. Things are getting silly for Wildcats. It shouldn’t look this easy.

Scott hits Buckner twice, the first time since he hit him twice on the Wildcats first offensive drive of the game. Daniel Jenkins gets a look, and some yards. Back in the red zone. Arizona making camp this game in the red zone.

Screen pass to Ka’Deem Carey…..TOUCHDOWN. 13-plays, 75 yards on that drive. Arizona leads 30-14. Aye.

Some statistics and tidbits as we gear up for the second half: – OK State has 9 penalties for 110 yards. – After two straight touchdown drives, Arizona defense has six straight stops on the prolific Cowboys offense. – Wildcats linebacker Jake Fischer has 8 tackles, Tevis recorded his first career interception on a Jonathan McKnight tipped ball. Could wind up being the most important play of the game, as it held OK State without a score, and Wildcats get the ball back in the 2nd half. – Ka’Deem Carey struggling: 14 carries, 27 yards. Although he did snare a 1-yard touchdown – Tyler Slavin showing people he does exist outside of practice, with 3 catches for 22 yards. One of which set up the Carey TD. – Matt Scott has gained 44 yards on the ground, but lost 17 due to sacks. Net of 27 yards. – Joseph Randle the saving grace for the Cowboys with 65 yards on 13 carries. Makes it look easy, but…….. – Wes Lunt not having the best luck since a studly first quarter. 7-of-11, solid, but one of those incompletions was an interception. And just 35 yards.


Wes Lunt and Joseph Randle moving the ball down the field…..until a tipped ball is picked off by Jared Tevis for his first career interception with about 2 minutes remaining in the half.

Everything going Wildcats way so far. Especially on defense. When was the last time that phrase was uttered?

In the last thing I’d ever thought I’d say…..Wildcats head into halftime with a lead, 23-14.


Yeah, so, this is no longer the Rich Rod of old. Officially. How many 5-wideout sets did he run at West Virginia? Few I’d imagine. He doesn’t feel like running the ball today. And it’s working. Crazy.

Carey had a 7-yard run, his longest of the game. Matt Scott gaining most of the yards on the ground. Numbers don’t really show it though because of sacks.

Austin Hill is an acrobat. Makes another spectacular catch to put UA in red zone yet again.

Tyler Slavin with another catch! Brings it to the OK State 1-yard line. Ka’Deem Carey TOUCHDOWN.

10-plays, 66 yards in 2:51 seconds on that drive.

Wildcats lead 23-14.


Defense (and drawing penalties) are the name of tonight’s game. Also, Joseph Randle is as good as everyone thought.

Jourdon Grandon having one hell of a game. He broke up another pass, but had to walk off the field after hurting himself. He’s been under-the-radar all spring/summer/fall, but he’s been great for the Wildcats tonight.

Arizona makes another stop on 3rd down, OK State goes for it. After some deliberation, Wildcats make the stop on 4th-and-1.

After Wildcats get the ball back, O-Line giving Scott lots of time on first play. They started out a little rough, but that unit has been doing a solid job this quarter. Ka’Deem Carey still struggling though. Scott has been the teams top “running back” this game.

Carey has just 9 carries for 13 yards.

Drive ends on a 10-yard Matt Scott quick kick, a far cry from last week’s 50-yard play.

Flags on flags on flags on flags. Leads to 3-and-out, Arizona gets ball back.

OK State defender hits Scott after he slides, that’s 8 penalties for 95 yards.

Big play soon after to Austin Hill, bringing Arizona into the red zone yet again. Buuuut, Wildcats fail to score another touchdown in the red zone. Bonano getting a lot of work tonight.

Nails a 24-yard field goal, Wildcats take the lead 16-14. A far cry from 2011.


And Scott gets sacked on first play of second quarter. O-Line not doing its best work. Bonano nails 41-yard field goal, Arizona trails 14-13.


OK State playing a lot like, well, Arizona with all the dumb penalties. They are up to six penalties for 71 yards through one quarter. Making the Wildcats defense look good. Any loss of yards is good.

Tyler Slavin does exist apparently. The receiver, who often puts up big “numbers” in the spring and fall camps but rarely sees the field, had a catch in the first quarter.

TOUCHDOWN: Beautiful touchdown pass to Terrence Miller from Scott. Wildcats looking gooood. Play under review though…………..either way Arizona playing outside of themselves right now.

And it’s ruled not a touchdown. Time “clearly” expired according to refs. Wildcats will try again.


Jake Fischer forced/recovered a fumble on the second play of OK State drive. Momentum feels like its shifting. Another unecessary roughness call on the Cowboys brings UA within the 20-yard line.

Carey can’t seem to find his groove just yet, but I’d just keep giving him the ball. Hell find it.

Fans starting to get into it. Couldn’t really hear the fans at all in the press box last week, but a “U of A” chant was pretty loud and clear on this drive.

Remember that time Richard Morrison dropped everything? Still the case. Completely misses a touchdown catch again, leading to John Bonano 22-yard field goal.

14-10, Oklahoma State.


Things getting a little feisty in here. Matt Scott almost gets into a fight with a OK State d-lineman. Leads to two penalties by defense, 30-yard penalty brings Arizona into Cowboys zone.

And Arizona finally capitalizes. Richard Morrison goes, catch, bad drop, beautiful touchdown. Morrison exemplified.

14-7, OK State leads.


Welp, there you have it. Tracy Moore again wide open in the end zone. Beautiful throw by Lunt. Uh oh. 14-0, Cowboys lead.


Mike Gundy challenges play where Arizona actually held the Cowboys and tackled for a loss. Says Wildcats had 12 men on the field. He’s a man, he’s 40. He would know.

Arizona charged with illegal substitution. OK State gets 5 yards. First down for Cowboys. If they score, we could be in for a long night, ladies and gents.


Sloppy drive. Ineffectiveness from Ka’Deem Carey to start. If the game plays out this way, and Arizona has to pass a lot. It will lose. Need to control the clock. Dan Buckner is getting a lot of looks in the early going, but Arizona turned the ball over on downs after going for it on 4th.


Well, that was quick. Lunt hits two straight wide-open receivers. Touchdown to Tracy Moore. 7-0 OSU. That was an 8-play, 61-yard drive in just 1:57.

Corner Shaq Richardson fell down on the touchdown. Two straight weeks of costly mishaps from him.


Arizona won the coin toss, elected to defer to OK State. Cowboys bring return back to the 39-yard line.

Defense off to an explosive start, as Tra’Mayne Bondurant tackles for loss, followed by an errant throw by Wes Lunt. Alas, Wildcats poor 3rd defense strikes again. First down on a run by Joseph Randle. That dude can run. Arizona linebackers in for a long night.


You know what, I’m going to say it. I think Arizona can win this game. A lot of “ifs” involved (i.e., produce a solid pass rush, control the clock, don’t turn the ball over, only let Randle run for 150 yards instead of 200). But, why not?


Looking like a possibility of rain is in the cards. Let’s just hope that no thunderstorm follows. Safe to say no one wants to see this game being played past midnight.


The Wildcats will wear blue helmets, red jerseys and blue pants. The question I have….when will we see the copper helmets?


We’re live from Arizona Stadium. Zona Zoo is pouring in. Should be a packed house tonight. Check out our coverage of todays game at

Some pre-game things to note:

– Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt is a freshman, and largely untested after barely playing in the Cowboys’ 84-0 blowout of Savannah State last week. If the Wildcats are going to win, then they need to swarm Lunt and force him to make some mistakes

– On ESPN, analyst Kirk Herbstreit picked the Wildcats to upset Oklahoma State, citing the inexperience of Lunt.

– There is a chance that both Rob Hankins and Hank Hobson return from injury for Arizona at linebacker. At a position shot by injuries and transfers, having some depth behind starters Jake Fischer, Sir Thomas Jackson and Marquis Flowers would be huge.

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