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Mailbag: Oct. 1

Major fair headline misleading

I am writing in response to Ms. Bethany Barnes’ article on the Meet Your Major Fair. First of all, I would like to say the headline for this story was most unfortunate and inappropriate. It certainly does not reflect the majority of the article itself.

I was there representing the Department of East Asian Studies and had the exact opposite experience of that of our colleague in hydrology — the only participant in the article that seemed to be unimpressed (again lack of agreement with headline). The Center for Exploratory Students should be commended for its creative approach to this year’s layout — both in terms of use of space and thematic groupings. The fair is not designed to meet the needs of the department representatives, but rather to assist undergraduate undecided students and those considering other majors investigate different fields of study.

Lynette A. Duran

Director, Academic Advising & Student Services, College of Humanities

Sarah Palin deserves praise, not accusations

I just read (Nyles Kendall’s) column “”Palin reloads, aims for Giffords.”” A couple of things caught my attention. He said (former) Gov. Sarah Palin “”has yet to prove that she is worthy of holding higher office.”” If her highly successful performance as chief executive of Alaska isn’t evidence of her capability, then he must have a much greater problem with Barack Obama, who brought no real-world experience into the White House. 

He critcized Palin for “”refusing to realize her son Trig would benefit”” from Obamacare.  Good for her!  She stands as a shining example of what we need more of — people who have the courage and integrity to look past what might be good for them individually to what’s more important to the country as a whole; standing up against the biggest government power grab of all time, one that will accelerate national bankruptcy.

He said she’s “”too busy profiting from speaking engagements that have earned her upwards of $12 million.”” If he’s troubled by her making $12 million, may I suggest he dig into what Al Gore has done to line his pockets through promoting the fraudulent science of global warming and how he’ll make much more than $12 million through the passage of Cap and Trade legislation.

Finally, the last sentence was a doozie. Kendall suggested Sarah Palin should return to Alaska “”and keep her nose out of Arizona politics.””  Did he sound the same call for all the people and organizations who have boycotted Arizona over S.B. 1070?  Did he tell that to Barack Obama and Eric Holder after their decision to sue Arizona?  Has he said the same thing to all the companies who won’t hold meetings or conventions here because of S.B. 1070?  Did he say the same thing to Mexican President Felipe Calderón, who criticized Arizona over S.B. 1070? 

Dana Cooper

Tucson resident

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