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OPINION: Vote ‘yes’ on Prop 308

Heather Newberry

Protesters shout in unison during the Pro-DACA protest on Sept. 5, 2017, in front of Old Main. Voters may show their support for undocumented immigrants by voting in favor of Prop 308.

The perspectives surrounding immigrants have only become more hateful in the last few years, especially after the presidency of Donald J. Trump. One of the main foundations of Trump’s campaign was built upon anti-immigrant rhetoric claiming that, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” He continued with destructive statements like, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” 

During this upcoming midterm election cycle, we have the power to help change the narrative of hate that has been hurting immigrants throughout Arizona for so long. We can do so by voting yes on Proposition 308. This will help uplift our migrant communities, while also providing support to youth — the future of Arizona. 

Voting yes would give DACA recipients — commonly known as “Dreamers” — the ability to access in-state tuition at every single public university and community college — regardless of their immigration status. Prop 308 would apply to students in Arizona who have graduated from high school and who have gone to an Arizona school for at least two years. Everyone deserves to have access to affordable education and it shouldn’t differ based solely on current immigration standing. 

“High school graduates who call Arizona their home deserve in-state college tuition. Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. by their parents, should have the same educational and employment opportunities as any other Arizona student,” Tucson Mayor Regina Romero expressed in the 2022 Election Publicity Pamphlet. 

For Arizona residents, the average estimated cost of tuition at the University of Arizona is $13,200, whereas it’s a staggering $39,000 for non-Arizona residents. Many “Dreamers” have been raised in Arizona and have contributed so much to our community in terms of skills, experiences, diversity, culture and more. The current price Dreamers have to pay is therefore absurd considering the ways in which Arizona has been positively influenced by these students.  

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“Currently, 2,000 Undocumented students graduate from Arizona high schools every year,” Carolina Silva, the Executive Director of Scholarships A-Z, stated in the 2022 Election Publicity Pamphlet. However, most undocumented or “Dreamer” students often are, “lacking the institutional support, guidance, and supportive network they deserve,” she continued. 

Silva is right, “Dreamers” are deserving of a network surrounded by supporting individuals. We are supposed to be an inclusive community for all immigrants in Arizona and throughout the United States. If we want to live up to the values of inclusivity in our college community, we need to vote YES on Prop 308. 

If you are not registered to vote in Arizona and are eligible click here to register. Make sure to vote in the upcoming midterm election cycle on Nov. 8 and watch for Prop 308, so you can say yes!

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Sophia is a sophomore studying family studies & human development and global studies. She loves to write pieces concerning politics that affect the Tucson and UA community.

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