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OPINION: When the daily Wordle just isn’t enough, here are 13 ranked alternatives

John Konrad

The New York Time‘s Wordle gives users one five-letter word a day. 

Doing The New York Times Wordle every day is a worthy and based obsession. It’s quick, easy and makes the brain work. 

Sometimes it feels like that five-by-six grid will stare at you forever while you miserably contemplate what five-letter word will bring you closer to success. 

However, on those lucky days, Wordle will be quick and easy and you may feel you haven’t gotten the full Wordle fix.

So, I spent an absurd amount of time playing random Wordle-like games on the internet to deliver some alternative options to continue the daily obsession. Here are the 13 alternatives I’ve ranked. 

1. Heardle 

The Heardle requires you to listen to clips of a song and then try and guess it in six tries. I thought it was unique from the original Wordle and a great way to discover new music even if you don’t guess it! 

2. Airportle 

If you’re a frequent flyer this one is perfect for you. You have to guess the three-letter airport code in six tries. For example, Tucson Airport is TUS. It’s super quick and easy, only three letters which is why I liked it. 

3. Globle

I thought Globle was so interactive and enjoyable. You start by typing a random country and based on the color that country lights up in, that’s how close you are to the country of the day. I thought it was well made and helps with geography.

4. A Greener Worldle  

How can you not love a name like “A Greener Worldle.” This one is just like Wordle, except it’s all environmental-related words. I think this one is super clever and fun, while also being environmentally friendly! 

5. Taylordle 

Calling all Swifties, this one is for you. This is a Taylor Swift-related Wordle, so basically the dream. True Swifties will not need help with this game, but I did personally have to refer to Spotify for inspiration.

6. Lewdle

This one makes me chuckle. It’s essentially Wordle, but only dirty words. No innocence is allowed here. I did enjoy doing this but honestly coming up with five letter naughty words using specific letters was difficult for me. Maybe my head just isn’t in the gutter enough to win this one. 

7.  Bardle 

The Bardle is a Shakespeare-related Wordle! You can use Shakespeare-related words or characters. Although, I do feel like that is broad since there are so many words that can be related to Shakespeare, however, I did like it! 

8. Flagle 

You have six tries to guess the flag of the day, each incorrect guess reveals one of the six squares of the flag. It was okay in my opinion. I don’t know very many flags, so it personally wasn’t my favorite. 

9. Absurdle 

This one is sort of annoying. I would recommend you do play at least once since it’s silly. There is no word from the start, but the computer plays against you to narrow down your options based on your previous answers. They honestly just want you to play for as long as you can. You do have unlimited answers which is nice. It is good practice for thinking of five-letter words for the actual Wordle. 

10. 11. 12. 13. Dordle / Quordle / Octordle / Sedecordle 

These four games all fall under the same category because they are all versions of the same Wordle. These are the same as Wordle, except you are doing multiple Wordles at once. Dordle is two games, Quordle is four, Octordle is eight and Sedecordle is a terrifying 16. I have only completed the Dordle, however, more power to you if you’re brave enough to attempt the Quordle and up! 

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Maayan Cohen Headshot

Maayan Cohen (she/her) is an Opinions Reporter and a sophomore majoring in digital journalism. In her free time you can find her trying new recipes, going to a thrift store or creating art.

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