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    In response to “Congress must pass timely, mass immigration reform” (by Nathaniel Drake, Feb. 19):

    You cannot make a pathway to citizenship without securing the borders first. Just as giving away free government cellphones leads to fraud, free citizenship to anyone that can jump a fence or suffer in a shipping crate will lead to millions of immigrants flooding the borders and expanding the population. Our system would need to be expanded on a massive scale and would not be able to catch up for generations.

    — Brian

    I hope everybody in the vital positions to pass the immigration reform, unite as “one positive dedicated group” and succeed. Everybody who are wise and also the beneficiaries, will surely give credits to all of you, no matter which party you belong.

    — April D.

    In response to “Police, lawyers give advice on how to act in DUI, MIP situations” (by Alison Dorf, Feb. 22):

    There was no indication that Adam was under 21 or over the limit. Yet he was charged with a DUI and it took him $10,000 to fix it. I would say it’s important to know what to do in these situations even if you are responsible enough to adhere to the law entirely.

    — Daniel Harms

    I’m not saying that we should hang people out to dry and not tell them what to do if they’re dumb enough to get into the situation. I’m just upset that it’s enough of a problem that this article is necessary. Why are people so obsessed with getting drunk? What possible life benefit does it have? Let’s see them spend their nights drinking and pissing their lives away when they’re living on their own and not living on mom and dad’s dime.

    — Kevin Wos (in response to Daniel Harms)

    I am a student and I rarely drink, but sometimes I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Knowing how to handle myself if I am unjustly given a DUI if I were to get pulled over after that one glass of wine is knowledge I want to have. With that being said, if you’re regularly driving around piss drunk this, information won’t help you because you are guilty. And the last part of the article states that you just shouldn’t be drinking underage in the first place as it’s illegal, as well as the importance of being polite to law enforcement. I really don’t read this as a cheat-sheet for getting away with drunk driving. People do get screwed with getting DUIs when they weren’t even truly impaired. We as students/people should know the basics of this legal stuff.

    — h

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