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    In response to “Minimum wage increase would boost economy, assist low income families” (by Nathaniel Drake, Feb. 26):

    It’s basic economics, man, raising the minimum wage will only hurt our already fragile economy. Just because you think giving people more money is a good thing does not equate to “boosting the economy.” Firms will only charge more for their products and hire less people. This isn’t the government who can just print money and give it to people, this is real-life companies who need to make money to continue to exist. Do some research before you write an article please.


    A family under the poverty line is given food stamps and WIC and subsidized housing and safelink phones and Medicaid and a whole lot of other government programs. Increasing the minimum wage will not get people out of poverty if they aren’t hired because of job cuts.


    In response to “Syllabus previews would better prepare students for chosen classes” (by Matthew Casey, Feb. 25):

    I totally agree. There should at least be better course descriptions. I ended up in a class entirely on India when it was titled World Ethnographies… this is NOT motivating and honestly a waste of my time and course credit…being a senior in my last semester… it was my only option. Great idea!

    —UofA Student

    Facebook comments:

    Businesses can’t endure these kinds of hikes without either letting employees go, increasing costs to consumers or both. Being an idealistic college student and understanding how to run a business are two very different things.

    —Shane Dale

    I recall living in Tucson when raising min wage was on the ballot (Nov. 1997). Waiters making service staff wages sued the city and initiative sponsors because the effort did not include service staff making only $2 and change plus tips. Further, the increase did not pass. With the high population in Tucson of min wage earners, I wondered how this prop could possibly have been unsuccessful. Guess that demographic picked a bad election not to exercise their right to vote. Will history repeat itself? Snooze ya loose.

    —Matt Minton

    Poorly run businesses can’t endure these kinds of hikes… fixed that for you. Statistically speaking, the US underpays its lowest paid workers compared to the rest of the world. Don’t worry, there are still McDonald’s in New Zealand.

    —James Allgood

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