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    OPINION: What Brexit means for us

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    What does Brexit really mean?

    Since the U.K. is thousands of miles away, Brexit, to many Americans, is just another politically charged term that evokes stress.   

    Essentially, two years ago, the people of the United Kingdom voted themselves out of the European Union. This caused an uproar around the world. How could people vote this way? It spurred so much anger that Scotland proposed another referendum to become independent. 

    As of now, there is a drafted plan to finish the separation, which will be voted on sometime in the next two weeks. One of the most contentious aspects is the border of Northern Ireland. 

    A few weelks ago, leaders in the European Union agreed with Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. If the vote passes in December, it is very likely Brexit will happen.

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    But still, what does Brexit actually mean? 

    Most did not expect the British people to vote for Brexit. Why did they? Free migration from poorer countries such as Romania and Poland to rich countries like that of the United Kingdom “has raised questions about the free movement rule”, according to the BBC. 

    Others have noted that the many economic regulations surrounding the European Union have caused negative effects on the U.K. Also, it is questionable whether the free trade and investment being part of the E.U. offers is worth the costs to Britain. 

    “Remainers,” those who are against Brexit, are upset, because Brexit means the lack of free movement and seemed to inhibit their need to travel from country to country. They also claimed that jobs and the economy would be affected because the U.K. is one of the most powerful voices in Europe.

    Many dissenters are unhappy with the democratic vote and will of the nation, so they have opted to protest and fight Brexit. 

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    In my opinion, Brexit is what is needed to formally repair the European Union and modernize it. The truth is, human nature and ideas are constantly evolving. A post-World War II idea has very little bearing in the modern age. 

    Brexit matters to Americans specifically because America and Britain are intrinsically linked. If the United Kingdom is not able to broker a proper deal with the European Union, this could require the U.S. to have more direct relations with other allies, according to CNN

    Brexit also might change the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K. because it means the U.S. can’t bully the European Union via the United Kingdom anymore. 

    New details of the draft have been released, and it looks like Theresa May is sticking to her guns regarding Brexit and it looks like she is being stonewalled by the government. Will the U.K. ever leave the EU? It is time to find out. 

    Anika Pasilis is a sophomore studying Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies. Follow the Daily Wildcat on Twitter.

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