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    Police Beat: Sept. 20

    ‘Why humiliate me like this?’

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrested a man for drunken driving on Sept. 12.

    At approximately 1 a.m., an officer was working near Park Avenue and Second Street when a pickup truck didn’t stop at a stop sign. The officer pulled the driver over and noticed a passenger sitting in the bed of the truck.

    The officer noted the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath. The driver also had watery, bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred.

    The man driving the car identified himself with an Arizona driver’s license and said, “”I know I fucked up tonight.”” He continued, “”I am willing to walk home … I will leave my truck here and walk home.””

    At this time, another officer arrived to conduct the walk-and-turn test. When the officer explained to the man how the test would be conducted, the man said, “”I’ve been drinking, why humiliate me like this? I know I’m drunk, just take me to jail. I don’t want to look stupid and fall all over the place.””

    The man stated he did not wish to take the walk-and-turn test or the one-leg-stand but he agreed to have his blood or breath tested. An officer from the Tucson Police Department arrived and tested the man’s breath.

    As a result of the breath samples, the man was cited for extreme DUI.

    Fraternity man helps ‘little sister’

    A UAPD officer diverted a man and woman to the UA diversion program for minor in possession on Sept. 12.

    While the officer was at a UA-sanctioned party, he observed several individuals that were quickly going in and out of a room.

    The officer made eye contact with a man who was inside of the room as the door was being slammed shut. The people inside slammed the door every time they saw the officer’s presence.

    The officer knocked on the door and the man inside appeared nervous as he opened it. The officer asked what was going on with all the traffic goingin and out of the room. The man stated that he was “”taking care of his sister in the bathroom,”” and that “”everything was under control.””

    The officer asked if his sister was throwing up due to alcohol consumption and if she was able to walk. He also said that if she was ill it was important that she be medically evaluated to prevent her from getting sicker.

    The man said, “”Okay, what do you want me to do?”” The officer asked if his sister could walk on her own, to which he replied, “”No.”” The officer called Tucson Fire Department medics to evaluate the woman. Together, the man and the officer carried his sister outside to the front entrance of the fraternity where the party took place. Upon identifying the woman, the officer learned that she had a completely different last name than the man.  

    The officer asked the man for his “”sister’s”” identification. He stated she was his sister and provided her correct first name and date of birth but stated her last name as the same as his. A records check returned with no record found. The officer asked the man for his own identification. He gave his correct name and date of birth, but stated he was from Arizona, though no records were found confirming this.

    The officer then explained the seriousness of his “”sister’s”” current state and the graveness of lying to the police. At this time, the man gave the officer the correct identification for himself and for the woman. Given the number of empty bottles in the room, the officer asked the man how much alcohol he had consumed, to which he said he had only had three drinks. The man also said that the woman had also been drinking at an off-campus party prior to that.

    When the man was asked where the alcohol in the room came from, since he was under 21 years of age, he stated that it didn’t start with that much alcohol and said, “”stuff just started piling up as the night went on.”” While the man was on the dance floor he didn’t even know that the woman was in his room until someone notified him.

    The officer informed the man that this incident was to be referred to the UA Student Diversion Program. Tucson Fire Department arrived on the scene after they talked to the woman and evaluated her. They informed the UAPD officer that she didn’t need to be taken to a hospital. The woman was accompanied back home by the fraternity social chair — who was sober — and had been by the officer’s side nearly all throughout the night. The woman’s roommate accompanied her home as well.

    Police pause for plastered pledge

    A man was stopped by UAPD while he was walking near University Boulevard and Highland Avenue on Sept. 12 at 2:40 a.m. The man was wobbling severely and swaying from side to side as he walked.

    The man had an extremely strong odor of intoxicants on his breath and was perspiring from his face. He also had watery, bloodshot eyes. Officers noticed that he seemed confused and his speech was slurred.

    The man admitted to drinking at a fraternity house that he was pledging to join. He told he officers he would not submit to a breath test. He was cited and released for a minor in possession.

    ‘I bust the windows out your car’

    An unknown person used a brick to break out the rear window of a vehicle parked in front of a sorority house on Second Street sometime between Sept. 11 and Sept. 12.

    At approximately 6:45 a.m. an officer conducting a patrol noticed the damaged car.

    The officer saw that there was a hole in the center of the window, but that not all of the glass had been broken out. The hole that was left in the window did not appear to be big enough for a person to have gained access to the rest of the vehicle.  The officer did not locate any evidence that someone had entered the vehicle. On the ground behind the car the officer found a brick, about six inches square, which may have been used to break the window.

    The officer made a phone call to the driver of the vehicle, who later arrived on the scene. The driver did not have any information regarding who may have broken her car window and said that it would have happened sometime overnight.

    The officer asked the woman if there were any cameras in front of the sorority that may have captured the individual breaking the window. She then stated that she did not know but she would look into it. She said she did wish to press charges.

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