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    “On the Spot: Paige Blazer, Pepperdine student”

    What is a green environment and why are you in Wildcat territory?

    Green environment is the future. Think green and grow your mind! Model for Change is a campaign someone started to promote green and environmental changes around college campuses.

    There isn’t much green here …

    I see a little bit of grass, it’s a start.

    What can we do to be more “”green?””

    Basic stuff: recycle, turn off the lights, use biodegradable materials, hopefully solar power will start being used a lot more. I’m a huge environment nerd. It’s embarrassing.

    Nerdiest moment ever?

    There have been too many of those, I don’t want to embarrass myself on another campus.

    Another campus?

    Yeah, the people in San Diego thought I was on acid or something when I tried yelling about the earth and to recycle.

    What do you care about more than the environment?

    Um … ice cream, celebrities, clothes; the typical stuff.

    Would you give up those things if everyone promised to recycle everything they owned?

    Well, that’s a huge compromise but I might take one for the planet.

    Do you consider yourself like the character “”Sailor Moon?””

    Dude, I am Sailor Earth. Fighting for a better environment with pigtails and anime, for sure.

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