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Five things not to do as a Wildcat fan

Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Alan Walsh
Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

No 1:  … rush into it

With a 7-point lead and about three minutes left in the football game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Oregon Ducks last November, a few hundred Zona Zoo fans got the bright idea to prematurely rush the field. Oregon promptly marched down the field, tied the game, and ended up winning in double overtime, killing Arizona’s Rose Bowl hopes and embarrassing the Zona Zoo on national television.

If there’s one thing you learn from reading this Campus Guide, let it be the rules for rushing an athletic venue.

•1. It must be worth it to rush: hint — that usually means an upset.

•2. Don’t rush until the clock reads 0:00. You’ll have plenty of time to get on the field, after the game is over.

• 3. Look for the fat lady. If she’s singing, you’re good to go.

No. 2: … be ‘that person’

There’s always one person who’s sadly misinformed about what the rules of the sport actually are. Sure, use your acquired sports knowledge to protest a call, but actually know what you’re talking about. Know the overtime rules. Know what makes a pass complete or how many fouls it takes for someone to foul out of a basketball game. You’d be surprised at how much your knowledge will be appreciated.

No. 3: … adopt the World Cup cheering tradition

The World Cup was great. Thrilling goals, excitement, and most noticeably noise.

Vuvuzelas began popping up everywhere — even in major league baseball games. Fans are supposed to be loud, but there’s a limit to how long a person can listen to a consistent, blaring noise.  It got so bad stateside that athletes began wearing earplugs while playing — not exactly ideal for communication between teammates. So for the sake of the fans, and more importantly the athletes, please leave your vuvuzelas at home. 

No. 4: … forget to be a fan

You’re a fan. So embody it.

Go crazy: body paint, hats, signs – go the whole nine yards. I guarantee you, there will be others like you when you arrive at the sporting venue.

They don’t call it the Zona ‘Zoo’ for nothing. Just wait to you get there.

Take advantage of the fact that Arizona Stadium offers the largest student section in the Pacific 10 Conference. There are 10,000 seats. And they’re not up in the nosebleeds, either.

In McKale Center, 2,300 seats await you. Where else are you going to get courtside seats to one of the most historic programs in NCAA Division I basketball?

No. 5: … take the rivalry lightly

ASU – you know that other school that you (wisely) chose not to attend up north? Things always get interesting when Tempe Normal faces off against Arizona’s first university, especially when the Territorial Cup gets involved.

The rivalry has gotten so big that there is a sponsorship to promote it across 17 collegiate sports.  Ever heard of the State Farm Territorial Cup?

The, ahem, Scum Devils will be sure to bring their fiery insults, so don’t hold back with the Wildcat claws defending your school.

Oh, and one final note: The Wildcats took home the inagural State Farm Territorial Cup Series victory 10.5 – 7.5.


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