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    “On the spot: Lara Schnoll, Journalism junior”

    So do you have a job?

    Yeah, I work at Abercrombie and Fitch.

    How long have you worked there?

    Well, I worked there in high school and then I stopped working there because I came to school here. But then I needed a job last semester so I started working there again.

    Where did you live before you came here?

    I lived in Phoenix.

    You worked there for like how many years in Phoenix?

    Only like a year. It was my senior year of high school.

    Did you get hired quickly here because you used to work there?

    Yeah, I was like that employee, you know, they already knew could fold clothes right, so, uh, yeah. Because they have this special technique, board folding. Super thrilling.

    Is that what you do the whole time, just fold clothes or are you like the inventory person?

    I am the “”model”” (makes quotation marks with fingers). There are impacters and then there are the models. They try to make it sound cooler then it is. You are out on the floor. And then impacters work in the back and they shelve all the shipments we get in and organize it.

    So if someone came into Abercrombie once a week, would the “”Get Fierce”” thing catch on? Or do you think people ever notice what you are talking about is cologne?

    They would probably catch on if they were in there enough. But I don’t think I can remember seeing clients regularly.

    Do you ever see large families visiting from Sonora, Mexico?

    That is all I ever see. They are our best customers. They literally are probably the only people that shop there.

    Which one do you work at?

    At Park Place. It’s the only one in Tucson.


    Emily Bowen

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