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Mailbag: April 27

Letters to the editor

If Proposition 100 does not pass, it will have an immediate and detrimental impact on the University of Arizona. The Arizona State Legislature created a contingency budget that cuts approximately $120 million from higher education, which means $42 million will be cut from the UA. This is on top of the $100 million that has been cut from the Arizona university system in the past two years.

If Proposition 100 passes, the universities will not be cut the $120 million and the UA will not lose the $42 million. The net effect of Prop. 100 is that it saves the universities that $120 million they would otherwise lose.

Early voting has begun for Prop. 100, so don’t forget to request your vote by mail ballot to vote Yes on Prop. 100!

—Elma Delic

Board chair

Arizona Students’ Association

Regarding ‘Brace yourself for Boobquake 2010,’ April 26:

Although Bret Stephens is wrong, your dismissal of his point regarding female “”immodesty”” is as well. Islamic fundamentalist extremists/terrorists see immodest females as a symptom of the immoral, decadent and fallen society in which we live. Dressing modestly wouldn’t, of course, change their minds — they’d find other reasons to hate us. So, Stephens is bringing up a misleading point, but your criticism was inaccurate as well.

Also, when you say it’s “”occupations”” which cause Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, you missed an opportunity (for a bad pun) — both among upper and lower class males in the Middle East, unemployment leaves energetic young men with nothing to do but simmer about evil Israelis or westerners. If they were working, they’d meet a nice girl, get married, have kids and generally be too busy supporting a family to engage in violence. Instead, they are at loose ends and are looking for a purpose … Unfortunately, they find people who convince them that that purpose is fighting for God and a “”moral”” society.

—Zoe Pierson

West Warwick, RI


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