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Mailbag: March 9

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On ‘Women bare all at Breast Party,’ March 5

Are you kidding me? Seriously, this whole “”Herstory”” thing is stupid. The word “”history”” is not a masculine term. It’s entirely gender neutral. You’re making an issue where there is none.

Are we not allowed to say “”mankind”” anymore? How about “”humanity?”” After all, both words have the word “”man”” in them so they’re clearly inappropriate.

You are furthering a climate of political correctness run amok and it’s disgusting.

— Kevin W.

I LOVE the Women’s Herstory Month events. Really wish I could have made it to this Breast Party — the one in October was fabulous.

And Kevin: You must be one of those people who thinks women have equal pay, racism isn’t a problem, and there’s never been a war caused by religion in the history of HUMAN kind. You are furthering a climate of ignorance run amok and it’s disgusting.

— Christina Bischoff

Men and women are equal — different and equal. And they need each other, I’m tired of women saying that they don’t need men. I’m all for women being empowered, but men don’t have to be labeled worthless to do it. You don’t have to sterilize an English word that has the letters h-i-s in sequence. Our culture has changed in the last several decades from women being oppressed to men being de-valued. If you look at our culture there is currently an influx of absent fathers. I’m not saying anyone but the fathers themselves are to blame, but the last thing men need is a message that they aren’t important. When are we going to learn to appreciate each other as men and women instead of cutting down each others roles? We should be supporting each other’s roles and sacrificing for one another.


— Joe

Thank you, Joe. That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. You can celebrate women’s history without shutting men out of it. After all, lots of progress wouldn’t have been made without men. How many women were in government when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed?

— Kevin W. 

On ‘No room for racially themed parties,’ March 5

I’m glad that we have a requirement for diversity courses now and that the campus offers so many venues to explore the diversity of humanity. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be some ignorant student who makes the rest of the campus look bad because they can’t open their eyes. (Or rather, they’re pulling a Miley Cyrus and just mocking Asians … Amazing how many times I’ve seen that around campus.) I don’t think any amount of mandatory classes will fix people that awful, sadly.

— Christina

On ‘Shelton reflects on presidential pressure,’ March 4

I don’t hate him. I think he has a tough job and he’s doing great in this difficult time. He’s no Truman, and people in power always get blamed during hard times. The man is working more than 13 hours a day.

— Shelton Rocks!

On “”Fogg comes up clutch,”” March 8

I take back every negative thing I said about Jamelle. He has really stepped it up in the last two games. He was especially on point against USC and he definitely played a huge part. Great job and Bear Down!

— Kevin W.


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