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Family Weekend: Siblings join new families in college Greek Life

Kyle Wasson
Kyle Wasson / Arizona Daily Wildcat

For some members of Greek Life, the term “brother” and “sister” takes on a more literal meaning.

Both Grant and Will Stoltz decided to apply to the UA and both chose to rush Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the many fraternities on campus. However, Grant Stoltz, a marketing junior, stressed his desire for his brother to choose the fraternity that best fit him.

“I just said rushing probably would be the best thing for you to do,” Grant Stoltz said. “I said check out Pike, but that’s about all I’ve said as far as promotional.”

Although Grant Stoltz did not push his brother to rush, Will Stoltz, a pre-business freshman, chose the fraternity because of his sense of belonging within the fraternity.

“I went to a bunch of houses, but as soon as I walked in the door I got a good feeling about it,” Will Stoltz said. “It seemed way more like me than the rest of any of the other houses.”

Despite the fact that the two are in the same fraternity, they do not spend an excessive amount of time together. The brothers see each other at the fraternity house and over the weekend when they visit their parents.

“We probably see each other more so than if we weren’t in the same fraternity,” Grant Stoltz said. “But definitely not a crazy amount, I guess. We’re not getting sick of each other.”

Both also said the fraternity brings them closer and provides them one more thing in common.

“It’s a unique experience having your little brother actually be your brother … your fraternity brother,” Grant Stoltz said. “You have your actual brother and your fraternity brothers, and now it’s both.”

April Prokes, an undeclared freshman, said she tried to avoid joining Sigma Kappa at first, because her older sister was in the sorority. She explained that she didn’t want to seem like she was following her sister, though.

“I kind of wanted to do my own thing,” she added. “Because we’re so close in age, I didn’t want to be compared to her.”

Yet, April Prokes said she felt Sigma Kappa was where she felt most at home, which is why she decided to rush the same sorority. Although both sisters are involved in Greek Life they do not see a lot of each other because of school and other obligations.

Nicole Prokes, a communications junior, said she let her sister make her own decision on a sorority but was happy April chose Sigma Kappa. Nicole Prokes said she feels Sigma Kappa has provided her with lifelong friends.

“It’s almost a comfort knowing that she’s going to have a great experience the way that I did,” Nicole Prokes said. “Knowing she’s in Greek Life and having that same experience is a really awesome thing for her.”

Both Nicole Prokes and Grant Stoltz said that, despite their desire to help their siblings, they do not want to be overbearing and tell them what to do.

“I’ve had to take step back and let him find his own way through things,” Grant Stoltz said. “I don’t want to be there to parent my brother, but if he ever says, ‘Hey, I need help with something,’ I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

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